A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

This really is the last post from this computer. e had a client a few years back that helped to provide us with this wonderful machine. They made kill computers for folks that have no idea how to build and we're so good. The only issue is that (like most PC builder-mun) they specialized in only building PCs. Now, before you want to grab your pitchforks and run for my house, Let me say that I don't care. I just want an OS that gets things done and for many years leading up to starting this podcast, Apple and Apple products have served us very, very well. The only - only issue for us was the limit of the OS and money. So, with that said and with all of us enjoying the Mac workflow, we are proud that we have saved for a brand new machine that we're installing this weekend! It's gonna be rad! Cross your fingers - I'm nervous about the switch. 

On this week's show:

* Butler doing the Timmy all week to Tom 

* You spilled your dicks

* Boo bags 

* Pumpkin patch adventure

* Dick bills for Little Will

* Tom declares a prank war 

* "I'm gonna get ya!" -Tom to Butler

* BK taste test 

* Seth loves the Impossible Whopper

* Seth's douchebro news

* Mining asteroids

* Dump 'em out

* Tom and Dan look-a-likes

* Gloryholes update 

* Atlanta United player pushing demons out

* Dojo yo booty 


So, I'm yanking this machine. Wish me luck! 


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