A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there, folks! 

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? I actually think that I'm getting there. And believe me - this has been the year of all years. I (Not gonna say it...but YOU KNOW.) And even then, I'm still extremely grateful to be able to talk with you - laugh with you. Laughing is SO important. With that said...

On this week's show:

* Fight Friday!

* Seth's panic attack birthday 
* Covid bologna 
* Elbow the grandma
* Company holiday parties 
* Concrete Mike got banned from Froggers 
* Man freed from 91-year prison sentence over weed
* Facebook is being sued
* InstaVann/Plenty-a-Hooks
* Pay-it-forward at Dairy Queen 
* Natural born stacker
* Tape mouth 
* Kevin Malone on Cameo 
* Dan's video game tales
* Pick the big penis!
Here's to a fantastic weekend and an even better holiday, because I know you guys are all trying to get ready like we are. Don't forget that there's lots of new merch in the merch section of TomandDan.com. These pullovers are fantastic and the softest EVER! 
All the best,
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