A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there, kiddos!

We hope that these messages find you well, but yeah. How are things? How are those vacancies going? Anyone got the "poke" yet? Looks like being over 40 isn't that bad when there's a virus going on. Looks like I'm getting mine on Monday. Fully shipped. Just don't want to die and want to spend as many years as I can with my wife and daughter! 

Ok. So, we just got back from vacartion and if you're looking to hear any of that or to hear about my legendary "1000 vomits," then you're going to need to sign up to be a BDM member. https://tomanddan.com/registration <- Go there and you'll get all of the vomit. Moving on:

On this week's show:

* When the whistle blows, the chopper goes

* White Claw variety pack #3

* Tom Vann email justice

* Scavenger Hunt Cassy

* JillJoe and CaseyCassy

* Tom and Danitizer

* "You like fun and that's the problem"- Tom 

* Choppers take the blame

* Sling shot cable snapped

* Ship stuck in Suez Canal

* This stinks like chop 

* Teacher fired over marijuana

* Paid in pennies

* Novovirus/narwhal virus 

* Ghoul Are You?

* Put your glasses on to jack off, Pop Pop 

* Pudge in jail?  Go Pudge Me


Have the most gloriest of weekends and we're so glad to be back with all of you guys! Vacation is fun, but so is this! Have a good one. See you Monday! 


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