A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there, gang! 

Just a few first thoughts, if you think about it, and if you have the time, we would love it if you would join us on Twitch one Friday. Now, we're on there daily, but Friday is a great starting point if you're just getting into watching our streams. It's a ton of fun and you can interact and meet a ton of really cool, like-minded folks too! Let's dig in:


* Call with Jetson the Ironman

* Spaying animals

* Full Moll- shaving a golf ball

* Saying "Bye"

* Poop in the shower

* Ross working for Pyrospot- breakdown of fireworks

* Bite your tushy

* Finding gold

* Ringo cock rings

* The Jerky Birds

* Creampie and then you die 

* T&D sponsor an NCAA athlete 

* College admissions scam documentary 

* Southern Kermit calls in


Thanks for listening, watching, chatting, and all that. It's insane all of the directions that we seem to go in these days, but that's the deal. Have a wonderful weekend, Happy Birthday America, and please be safe out there! - d

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