A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Let's get to note'n.

Do you dorks even read this? There are times when I'm just sitting here at the studio, hammering away on these and I ask myself; "Do folks really care about the typed-out notes that accompany our show? Should I go home already? Do they scan this to see what the hell we did that day? I mean, I guess it matters if you're doing a quick search of the notes but I'm not even sure we have that capability!" ... I seriously think about that. 

So, let's roll! We had a really fun day today and for those of you that like the longer shows, we f'ed up and just let it roll. Who knows anymore. On this week's show:

* Seth arguing with his bank so he can buy a boat 

* PADH- Passive Aggressive D___head

* OnlyFans getting rid of porn

* Sitting on cakes 

* Dan's interaction with a litterbug in the Publix parking lot 

* Dr. Dre's daughter 

* Enabling

* Venus/Penis flytrap 

* Sleep number beds

* Who likes skinny d____?

* Chirp research 

* Chirpers Paradise

* Chirp choppin

* Ode to Tom Vann 

* Lenny Kravitz and his band all dress the same

* Barney burp 


Thanks to all of you who might have caught the stream live. The Twitch chatroom that we have is a very fun and inclusive place of very adamant listeners. If you've never checked it out, you might really be missing out on something cool. Check it all out at Twitch.tv/TomandDanLive and we're always at "TomandDanLive" on YouTube. (All Twitch live streams are immediately uploaded there. 

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