A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

I’ll be real with you guys; not a wonderful day here at the studio. Too much BS flying in all different directions but so is the life of a small business owner. There are many of you guys out there just like us, and you know all too well that it’s a damned grind. Ok. I’ve snapped out of it. The show! YES! Here we go!!!



On this week’s show:

* Tom blowing leaves off of his roof

* Tom stepped on a nail 

* Chem nails 

* Ross- confrontation of the week song

* Trindle bed?

* Dipping into the hurricane wood

* Rat update 

* Family Dollar distribution center infested with rats and birds

* Soldier attacked by a bear 

* Fox attacks flamingos 

* FIFA split from EA sports

* Australian diver with cocaine 

* Man has heart attack while burying his girlfriend 

* Daddy dance update 

* Mexican mother's day 

* Mountain Dew Dilk challenge 

* Internet challenges


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Thanks for watching us and we’ll see you again tomorrow on Twitch at 10am-ish. 

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