A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Join Tom and Dan on today's live stream as they dive into a wide range of intriguing topics, from feeding Luca mealworms to the possibility of an Orlando MLB team. They also share hilarious stories, discuss drive-thru technology, and explore the consequences of traceable Google searches. Don't miss out on this entertaining and informative episode!

Show Notes:

- Intro: Tom and Dan kick off the live stream with their signature banter and introduce the topics of the day

- Feeding Luca mealworms: An adorable segment where Tom and Dan discuss feeding Luca, their pet lizard, mealworms

- Tweezerman tweezers: A conversation about the practicality and quality of Tweezerman tweezers

- Zelda and standing in line for video games: Nostalgic reflections on the excitement of standing in line to purchase video games, with a focus on the Zelda franchise

- Kid from Star Wars episode 1: A discussion about the child actor from Star Wars Episode 1 and his subsequent career

- Confrontation of the week with Ross at Costco: Tom and Dan recount a humorous confrontation they had with a person named Ross at a Costco store

- Scoop chips: Exploring the joys of scoop-shaped chips and their versatility in dipping

- "I heard a crunch, Jeffery!": A funny story shared by Tom or Dan about hearing an unexpected crunch sound

- Do it Jeff style: A lighthearted conversation about performing tasks or actions in a specific style or manner, jokingly referred to as "Jeff style"

- Drive-thru technology: Discussing advancements in drive-thru technology and how it has changed the fast-food experience

- Woman who poisoned her husband: A fascinating and shocking story about a woman who poisoned her husband and the subsequent legal proceedings

- Google searches traceable: Delving into the topic of online privacy and the traceability of Google searches

- Glass of water by your bedside: A brief discussion about the practice of keeping a glass of water by the bedside for convenience

- Brewing and stewing: Tom and Dan share their thoughts on brewing and stewing as cooking techniques

- Dan's metal pitcher: Dan recounts an anecdote about a metal pitcher he owns and its usefulness

- Maisie sleepwalking: A humorous and possibly bizarre story involving sleepwalking and the mischief it can lead to

- Orlando MLB team possibility: Exploring the potential of having a Major League Baseball team in Orlando

- Tom carrying fence panels by himself: Tom shares a story of his solo endeavor in carrying heavy fence panels

- FB glitch sending friend requests: A discussion about a Facebook glitch that resulted in unintentional friend requests being sent


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