A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

**A Mediocre Time - Friday Free Show**

* The show welcomes two special guests: **Remy** and **Seth**.
  * Dive into Remy's captivating insights into Florida's theme parks with his podcast, ["Remy's Round Table"](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/remys-roundtable-the-florida-theme-park-podcast/id1560529886).
  * Get fit, disciplined, and skilled with Seth's karate classes. Discover more or sign up at [Karate of Orlando](https://karateoforlando.com/).

* A quirky tale from Dan: His mom faced the wrath of a man of war, but the islanders had an unconventional remedy. Spoiler: It involved a lot of pee!

* Seth ponders over joining the cruise. The joy of an adventure at sea tempts him, but a new baby beckons at home.

* There's exciting news for hockey enthusiasts: The team will soon be attending NHL games. Plus, the collaboration with the Solar Bears is back in action.

* Disney fans, get ready for a fusion of the worlds of Toy Story and NFL. Dan spills the beans on an upcoming Toy Story football collaboration between Disney and the NFL.

* Tom's intriguing prediction: The Toy Story football deal could change the dynamics of intimacy. How? Tune in to find out!

* The segment "Seth Good/Bad" makes a comeback, always a favorite.

* Dan shares a humorous take on "Dropping the family off at dinner," leaving listeners in stitches.

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