A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

And just like that, Thanksgiving was here.

Thanksgiving is a strange one for me. So much of Thanksgiving was spent by me, normally at my Mom and Dad's, cooking and watching football. We were such a small family, but I really do cherish that time that I got and those small and intimate moments with my parents. I realize only now how truly lucky I was to have great people who loved me and never did anything BUT support me. As a parent myself, I now see some real jerks who never had any business having a child. My folks were the best, and I'm just trying to bring a bit of that to my friends and family during Thanksgiving. Sorry, I got mushy there for a bit. But truthfully, I care about you guys, and I wish you and your friends and family the BEST Thanksgiving ever!

Savoring fat turkey,



**Full Show Notes for Tom & Dan Friday Free Show LIVE Stream:**

- **Seth's Big News:** Seth surprises everyone by revealing he got married in secret, and now he and his wife are expecting a baby soon.
- **Unexpected Gym Encounters:** Seth shares his experiences with Shinsuke Nakamura, a Japanese professional wrestler, at his gym, and plans for a teenage diaper party.
- **Beer Fest Blues:** Seth recounts feeling down at the beer fest, noticed by several attendees.
- **Baby Shower Gifts:** Tom presents Seth with unique baby gifts, including baby nunchucks and a samurai sword.
- **Dan's Thanksgiving Plans:** Dan talks about spatchcocking a turkey and smoking it on his new Traeger grill.
- **Taco Bell Christmas Sex Party:** Dan brings up a bizarre news story involving Taco Bell.
- **Trends in Fashion:** Discussion on fake vinyl breasts trending in women's fashion.
- **Seth's Pre-baby Jitters:** Seth talks about his recent near-fights, wondering if it's due to nervousness about the baby's arrival.
- **Dan's Home Improvement Idea:** Dan considers installing artificial grass for his dog, Dansby.
- **Sam's Dog Adoption Adventure:** Sam and her husband are looking to adopt a dog, and they need Tom's help with the adoption agency, Pet Rescue by Judy.
- **Child's Play:** Maisie, Dan's daughter, invents a game called "Bill Collector," reflecting on modern-day realities.
- **Mr. Beast's Stunts:** Discussion on Mr. Beast replicating old radio stunts, like being buried alive.

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