A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

And just like that, another weekend was born. Special thanks to Brendan Oconner from Bungalower and the Bus and Bugalower.com for his time today. We're very lucky to have that dude pop by. All of us here hope that you have good weekends and make sure you like and subscribe and all that stuff that the kids tell you to do.

- d


1. **Tom's School Event Escape**: Tom shares his experience at the Winter Wonderland school event, taking a cue from Dan and opting to hang out in his car for some personal time.

2. **The Impact of Dad's Involvement in School Events**: A discussion on what it means for children when their fathers are actively involved in school activities.

3. **Toilet Paper Preferences**: Dan brings up a humorous issue with Tom's choice of fancy toilet paper, sparking a light-hearted debate.

4. **Brenden's Appearance**: Brenden joins Tom and Dan to close out the remainder of the show, bringing his unique insights and humor to the table.

5. **Sam's Exciting Day**: The team has a lighter note-taking day as Sam is off to adopt a new puppy from Pet Rescue by Judy, bringing joy and anticipation to the group.

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