A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Thanks so much to those of you who caught this live on Twitch or YouTube. We've really been having a good time with that lately and have a good group of folks over there that are hanging out in the chat room. Find the links at the bottom of the page. Here's to another "almost to the holidays" weekend! Man, it seems like when it gets to be this time of year that the time is just straight flying! Mai is dance crazy, so I will be trying to work on the e-scooter, and this time, I honestly think I've got all the parts I need to button it up! We'll see. I know that you guys are going to be copying and pasting these notes back to me when I eventually sell the damned thing to a person who can finally finish it. Tom was right. 

Thanks again for supporting the show, and see you Monday,



1. **E-vite Fiasco**: Discussion on the workaround for an e-vite account, highlighting the show's resourcefulness.

2. **Spencer Gift's Surprise**: Tom's shocking experience at Spencer Gift's with "naughty" Christmas sweaters, including audio from Tommy's voice.

3. **Ross' New Venture**: Ross has received his certification to become a personal trainer, with Tom commenting on the difficulty of working out.

4. **Ozempic and Random Health Topics**: Conversations about the medication Ozempic, random boners, and moles.

5. **Ross' New Segment**: Introduction of "Ross' Explosion of the Week," featuring the Battle of the Crater in Virginia.

6. **Tom's Routine Woes**: Tom expresses frustration with Crystal moving his stuff, affecting his routine.

7. **Personal Training Specialization**: Ross's idea to specialize in "baby steps for whales."

8. **Subway Subs Deception**: Dan recalls a company owning Subway Subs and its misleading name "Doctors and Associates."

9. **Smoking Post-Sex**: Pondering the allure of smoking after sex.

10. **Celebrity Contacts and Self-Advice**: Dan wonders about the number of celebrity phone numbers in one's phone and listener advice on self-induced vomiting.

11. **Debary Joe's Baconator Incident**: Debary Joe's story of performing a self-Heimlich maneuver due to choking on a Wendy's Baconator.

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