A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Andres and Lyanne are friends of the show. Truly. In fact, they are some of the first "Miami Friends" that Andrea and I met through our friendship with Tom and Crystal. They are precious to me. Seriously. As I get older, the laughs I get with them become more and more precious, and when it's just me here at the studio, posting the show, I get a little sentimental. Everything is just happening so FAST! Hahaha... Thanks to those who caught the stream live, and we'll see you back here on Monday! - d




- Greetings and casual talk in "Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" intro

- Friends from Miami visiting for a concert

- Discussing odd names and their pronunciations

- Promoting Tom and Dan Cruise 2024, confusion over similar domains

- Reflecting on past with "the Browns" and "Heroin Alley" adventures

- Their impact on Tom's radio career and DVD sales at events

- Tom's legal wedding at Predators game, oddity, Corey Feldman signing license

- Family's reaction to marriage joke, parents unknowingly funded real wedding

- Humorous job at Orange County, minimal duties

- Simple job role, pressing a button to balance property ledgers

- Minimal oversight in casual work environment, inefficiencies in government jobs

- Nostalgia for simpler times with beepers and pagers

- Job security issues, perceived inefficiency in some government roles

- Comparing job scams in Miami to legitimate roles

- Friend honored as Teacher of the Year, fun teaching methods

- Modern teaching challenges, strict vs. lenient parenting, "grandparenting" style

- Skepticism towards homeopathic remedies, humorous old wives' tales

- Health ring technology debate, traditional vs. homeopathic efficacy

- St. Augustine travel, dining favorites, concert ticket challenges

- Avoiding traffic, humorous strategies during jams

- Discussing slang with kids, reflecting on personal relationships

- Casual medical procedure anecdotes, unexpected vomit incident

- Relationship dynamics, maintaining households, quirky DIY home projects

- Childhood memories of riding in trucks, casual safety norms

- Career transition to barbering, importance of pursuing passions

  • Community and friend support during career changes, celebrating long-time listener's significant career shift




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