A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

I hope to see some of you guys at the Magic game tonight! To say that I've had the bug is an understatement. I have watched every single game this year! (I don't even think I've done that for my Atlanta Falcons!) Anyway - gotta jet, but thank you for watching and listening! We love you guys. go magics! - d


- BudDocs.org offers medical marijuana licenses with initial telemedicine visits and ongoing accessibility.
- Dr. Shenlate's BudDeals program aggregates dispensary discounts.
- Refund guarantee for ineligible medical marijuana license applicants.
- Introduce "Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" speakers.
- Explore emotional sensitivity and dynamics among co-hosts.
- Highlight new sponsors in marijuana and tea sectors.
- Feature Brendan O'Connor from Bungalower.com as a guest.
- Share personal anecdotes and quirky habits.
- Promote Tom and Dan cruise with interactive events like "mediocre idol."
- Discuss challenges in personal relationships and fidelity.
- Reflect on regret and moral choices in personal actions.
- Announce upcoming cruise with beach parties and entertainment.
- Address local venue shooting: safety and permitting issues discussed.
- Critique media and governance on event hosting misrepresentation.
- Introduce Airbnb Icon series with unique lodging experiences.
- Utilize fantasy scenarios like the "Up" house to discuss serious topics like suicide.
- Feature special Airbnb themes like "X-Men 97" and Prince's "Purple Rain" house.
- Propose themed Airbnbs based on "The Office," "The Simpsons," and other popular media.
- Explore potential Disney and Universal themed accommodations and legal challenges.
- Discuss high costs leading to the commercial failure of the Star Wars-themed hotel.
- Market Star Wars themed blue milk as a cultural icon.
- Enhance Airbnb experiences through local partnerships and convert guests to show listeners.
- Discuss monetization challenges and strategies for Airbnb and sponsorships.
- Suggest themed stays like historic and character-themed accommodations.
- Reflect on public and governance changes impacting the Parliament House Hotel.
- Discuss "Wally's" to "Walters" rebranding and public reaction.
- Analyze digital conversations' impact on real estate perceptions.
- Examine societal influence of online comments through real-life examples.
- Discuss AI voice misuse for impersonation and its social implications.
- Compare AI-generated art with traditional art, emphasizing human creativity.
- Debate ethics of AI in art creation and its impact on artistic value.
- Discuss public trust issues due to advanced AI in media and personal communications.
- Consider AI's role in art authenticity and the devaluation of traditional skills.
- Reflect on AI's potential to fabricate damaging content and societal shifts.
- Call from a listener reminiscing about the show and suggesting commemorative activities.
- Discuss corporate responsibilities for past harmful stunts.
- Explore documentary or celebration ideas for a show character or anniversary.
- Discuss the impact of AI on authenticity, misinformation, and personal privacy.
- Delve into quirky vehicle communities and themed vehicle creation for personal expression.
- Discuss Burning Man's cultural significance, celebrity influence, and attendee experiences.
- Address anxiety management in personal and professional life.
- Share personal anecdotes on mental health struggles and stigma reduction.
- Debate the authenticity of squirting in sexual activities and related personal experiences.

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Indulge in the finest moments of the award-winning talk radio show, "A Corporate Time with Tom & Dan," airing weeknights on Real Radio 104.1 FM. As one of the pioneering FM talk radio stations, Real Radio 104.1 has been a trailblazer, and Tom & Dan have been the captivating voice of the reluctant night show. Why reluctant, you ask? Well, after two decades in the radio industry, they've experienced its unforgiving nature, but they've gracefully transformed it into a realm of delightful silliness. Thank you for being a part of their journey and tuning in!

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