A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Thanks for watching ya’ll and thanks to Scottie for being our 4th today! That was awesome! I normally have only heard him on Bungalower and the Bus, but it was nice to get his perspective this time. Thanks for watching - love and thoughts to all who served and are no longer with us - and please have a very safe weekend! - d


- Studio live intro and show overview

- Scotty's segment from Orange County Regional History Center

- Persimmon Hollow event wrap-up and first drag show insights

- Social media blunders and content management discussions

- Edgy jokes and taboo internet search topics

- Smutty book club and mythical beings: minotaurs, centaurs

- Local school schedules and early release impacts

- End-of-school festivities: ice cream parties vs. grand events

- Miami teacher-DJ's school events

- Classic school films nostalgia

- Harry Potter-themed school celebrations

- Teacher commitment and impact on student events

- Pros and cons of extravagant school events

- Teacher adaptation to engaging education methods

- Teacher and community expectations discourse

- End-of-year days likened to daycare

- Maisie's school enthusiasm amid minimal academics

- Teacher efforts in school event planning

- School memories and changes in educational culture

- Church Street historical and current challenges

- Community involvement vs. property ownership impacts

- Parking changes affecting local businesses

- Future visions for Church Street

- Bumby building developments and new food hall

- Packing District growth likened to airport development

- Church Street revitalization strategies

- Local business support from sports event attendees

- Personal experiences with local hangouts

- Gideon's Bake Shop media story segue

- Music break lead into live show merch talk

- T-shirt promotions and sales logistics

- Broadcast career reflections and commercial recording flubs

- Gideon’s Bake Shop backstory and Disney Springs expansion

- Internal controversies at Gideon’s: pay and work conditions

- Business management and employee expectations debate

- Misinformation and public perception impacts

- Ethics in business practices and tipping discussions

- TV show premiere discussion and viewing platforms

- Potential awards and behind-the-scenes anecdotes

- Sports event atmosphere: noise levels and fan behavior

- "Smart" vs. traditional washing machines comparison

- Listener advice on appliance choices

- Maisie's dance commitments and child star transformations

  • Jojo Siwa’s public image evolution and industry pressures



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