A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

I always get a kick out of it when listeners stop by the show! Big shout-out to Ross for dropping in and sparking a wild convo about blow-up dolls. Can you believe the price of a standard Real Doll hasn’t changed since the early 2000s? Crazy! Thanks for tuning in, everyone. Catch you all Monday! -d

- Discussing VR headset experiences and teen interactions.
- Embracing challenges and failures in life.
- Trends in ordering from Uber Eats and DoorDash.
- Discussing high costs and regret in food delivery.
- Segment on parody political ads related to podcasting.
- Casual talk on daily routines and social interactions.
- Announcing Hourglass Brewing's beer release event.
- Fourth of July fireworks plans in Miami.
- Exploring quirky firework names and their cultural ties.
- Critiquing Orlando Weekly's extensive award categories.
- Daniel's deep dive into AI-generated music.
- Exploring AI's role and limits in creativity.
- Ashton Kutcher testing an AI movie script tool.
- Ashton Kutcher on AI disrupting traditional filmmaking.
- AI's potential impact on film industry employment.
- Introducing Sora, an AI app for creating videos.
- Discussing AI in content creation from fanfics to TV shows.
- Tyler Perry pausing studio plans due to AI advancements.
- Philosophical debate on AI and reality.
- Debating AI accessibility and industry gatekeeping.
- Reflections on creativity's value in the AI era.
- Concerns over AI replacing jobs and ethical issues.
- Personal insights on integrating AI in creativity.
- Discussing AI DJs on Spotify and personalized content.
- Testing AI's potential in crafting stand-up comedy.
- The impact of AI on traditional creative roles.
- AI's influence on personalized entertainment.
- Promoting Science Night Live at Orlando Science Center.
- Describing the "Life" exhibit with a climate-controlled Amazon.
- Viewing "The Matrix" and its suitability for children.
- Personal reflections on "The Matrix" and content appropriateness.
- Discussing the evolution of violence portrayal in films.
- Reviewing Christian perspectives on "The Matrix."
- Adjusting movie choices based on child-friendliness.
- Societal and personal views on sex dolls.
- Maintenance and ownership challenges of realistic sex dolls.
- Demographics and usage of sex dolls.
- AI's future in enhancing sex doll capabilities.
- Societal implications of sex dolls on human interactions.
- Maintenance standards for shared sex dolls.
- Watching Live PD and changes in tampon commercials.
- Debating public preferences for commercial content.
- "Weird Al" Yankovic's musical style and potential AI parodies.
- Babymetal's blend of J-Pop and metal.
- Humorous misunderstanding involving jelly and Jell-O.
- Discussing Jell-O flavors and related personal stories.
- Promoting upcoming live comedy events and local talent.
- Suggesting Bluetooth enhancements for real dolls.
Planning family activities and anticipating potential mishaps.

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