A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Thanks to the ladies for coming in and gracing us with their presence today. We have the best wives. - d

- Recollections of old podcast setups and anecdotes
- Acquisition of unusual domain names
- Misjudgments about the cruise industry's trajectory during COVID-9
- Manscaped promotion with specific discount code
- Upcoming beer launch and merch at Hourglass Brewery
- Curtis Earth's trivia event details and child participation
- Familiar, friendly vibes among acquaintances
- Tesla X rental for a birthday; luxury and high costs
- Financial anecdotes about secret family accounts
- Birthday plans with a hotel cabana
- Preferences for driving versus being chauffeured
- Humorous Cybertruck rental idea
- Emphasis on experiential birthday gifts
- Podcast rebranding discussions with AI content
- Personal challenges versus AI efficiency in music creation
- Pool life and gnat issues; blame on plants
- Editing annoyances near plants; white vinegar as a remedy
- Reusable versus disposable K-cups and morning routine debates
- Reuse of plastic containers likened to Russian nesting dolls
- Playroom clutter management
- Minimal impact belief on personal pollution efforts
- Midnight relationship misunderstandings; comfort with pets for anxiety
- Break announcement with listener Q&A and music plans
- Evolution from radio to podcast audience dynamics
- Various listener interactions, from intimidating to humorous
- Time management discussions; cultural perspectives on punctuality
- Recreational habits; humorous personal preferences
- Hypothetical family scenarios; legal and moral boundaries
- Home maintenance and real estate anecdotes
- Lifestyle clashes and planning in social gatherings
- Travel discussions; cultural insights on Singapore, Japan, Venezuela
- Rotary phone installation and landline debates in modern settings
- Gaming nickname concerns; community parking debates
- Personal security in public; jogging and neighborhood interactions
- Dream analysis with AI; humorous takes on songwriting
- Emotional impacts of dreams; personal development through emotional understanding
Handling a boat accident and aftermath discussions


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Indulge in the finest moments of the award-winning talk radio show, "A Corporate Time with Tom & Dan," airing weeknights on Real Radio 104.1 FM. As one of the pioneering FM talk radio stations, Real Radio 104.1 has been a trailblazer, and Tom & Dan have been the captivating voice of the reluctant night show. Why reluctant, you ask? Well, after two decades in the radio industry, they've experienced its unforgiving nature, but they've gracefully transformed it into a realm of delightful silliness. Thank you for being a part of their journey and tuning in!

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