A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Huge thanks to Tuddle for hopping on the show today via Zoom. The guy’s got a legit full-time job but never misses a chance to join us. We’ll keep you posted on any updates about his new podcast, which he’s starting with his ex-wife—definitely an intriguing setup. Big appreciation to everyone tuning in live, downloading, and all that good stuff! Hope to catch you at the beer release tomorrow. In fact, I’m enjoying one of those beers right now as I write this. See you soon! - d

- Intro with "Time for a bath" song.
- Cashier interaction at store, discussed charity donation.
- Analyzed celebrities' gestures and expressions.
- Live intro from Injured On The Go Just Call Mo Studio.
- Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan details, guest appearance info.
- Announced beer release at Hourglass Brewing, Longwood.
- Trivia night with Curtis Earth at Hourglass Brewing.
- Tuddle's radio activities and personal challenges discussed.
- Potential eviction of Tuddle from a 55+ community.
- HOA meetings and community politics.
- Tuddle's weed selling to elderly neighbors.
- Tuddle's experiences with Florida's legal weed dispensaries.
- Bubba's requirement for video content.
- Tuddle's rapper barber haircut session.
- Humorous haircut comparisons.
- Concerns over Tuddle's return to risky radio stunts.
- Tuddle's stunt addiction, plans for Tampa Tarpons game stunt.
- Enabling concerns in context of Tuddle's stunts.
- Tuddle's new podcast with ex-wife, personal wedding anecdotes.
- Discussion on retaining ex-spouse's surname post-divorce.
- OnlyFans collaboration ideas for Tuddle.
- Tuddle challenged on radical haircut implications.
- Tuddle's addiction to radio industry, stunt plans.
- Aging out of radio stunts, 90s nostalgia, compared to Ric Flair.
- Tuddle’s marital issues linked to stunts, dangerous scooter stunt.
- New show name idea: "Hot Chick and Big Stick."
- Past radio stunt anecdotes, promoting Tuddle's first show.
- Future show concepts with cosplay, interactive costume requests.
- Tuddle's gratitude for show invite, personal growth reflections.
- Planning intervention for Tuddle with former stunt participants.
- Listener reactions post-Tuddle's interview, membership upgrades.
- Steve-O's tattoo, extreme stunt discussions.
- Daily life anecdotes, supportive dad at dance classes.
- Telemundo breakdancing event interaction, handling media appearances.
- Cultural impact of viral internet moments, privacy considerations.
- Viral video repercussions, fame vs. negative impacts.
- Cultural reactions to controversial content, societal norms.
- Bathroom door incident, odor discussion, gift exchange.
- Hooters trading cards collection, perceptions of past roles.
- "Rat face" attractiveness trend, unconventional male appeal.
Show wrap-up, mentions of upcoming events.


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Indulge in the finest moments of the award-winning talk radio show, "A Corporate Time with Tom & Dan," airing weeknights on Real Radio 104.1 FM. As one of the pioneering FM talk radio stations, Real Radio 104.1 has been a trailblazer, and Tom & Dan have been the captivating voice of the reluctant night show. Why reluctant, you ask? Well, after two decades in the radio industry, they've experienced its unforgiving nature, but they've gracefully transformed it into a realm of delightful silliness. Thank you for being a part of their journey and tuning in!

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Has been coined by his peers as the “comedian’s comedian.” His hard hitting, energetic, style of comedy has catapulted him into one of the top ranked comedians on the comedy circuit. Born and raised in Detroit Michigan.

 Tony has always found himself growing up, quick and witty, with a short attention span. That is ultimately what led him into the military and where he served his country for 10 years. (Till this day some still refer to him as the “sergeant of comedy”.)

Tony Roberts stumbled up on stage for the first time, one night at Mark Ridley’s comedy club in Royal Oak Michigan, as a result of a bet from his childhood best friend, Perry Conway. Tony recalls that night being a total Train wreck of nerves. Tony quickly became a favorite to the club owners. With his improvisational skills and quick wits, he soon landed his first Television Standup appearance on BET Comic View, where he received the “Robin Harris Award” for most original comic of the year. Following the award he performed at the HBO Def Comedy Jam set in New York City, Tony immediately made this his home.

The name, Tony Roberts, quickly became a popular and respected name in the comedy world, among colleagues and fans; after (9) appearances on BET Comic View, (4) headlining sets on HBO Def Comedy Jam, Showtime at the Apollo.

Tony has been nationally touring with a few stage plays, along with his international tours in Asia, Africa, Canada and the UK.  In the UK is where he landed a nomination in 2009 for the England’s Best International Comedian.

Currently, Tony has (3) consecutive 1-hour standup specials with Netflix, Showtime and Amazon Prime; Co-Starring roles in sitcoms from NBC, ABC and Entertainment Television. Movies such as Damon Dash’s “Death of a Dynasty”, “Speed Dating” “Meet the Blacks” “Durdy Game” and “A Get2gether”…Tony Roberts has become a living legend to anyone who’s grabbed a microphone and told a joke.

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