A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there kids…

Thanks to all of you for tuning into the show and for taking the time to download the podcast! It really does mean more to use than you know. Today was the first show Tom has done since becoming a FREE man and we had a sh*t ton of fun doing it. On today's show:

Tom & Dan Straight Talk with Chuck Gallagher

B-holes VS Vagines

Catching up with Tim, Tom's brother

The Jewish Sailboat Real Man

THE Gummies

Miley does the Al Bundy

Betty Bolts

Girls vs Push-ups

Listener's Worst Christmas Gifts

Thanks to all of you for tuning into the "Friday FREE Show." We know that most of you already know this but if you'd like 2 extra shows per week, please check out the BDM Shows that we offer at TomandDan.com. You're going to get one brand new show plus one "golden classic" show that we did a few years ago and had to take down because of…well…we won't get into that. At least not for now. :)

Have a great week! BDM's, we'll see you Monday and "Free-showers" we'll see you in a week!



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Hey kids and thanks again for tuning into another "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" Friday FREE Show. Today was pretty f'n great these's been so much going on lately, I'm almost surprised that we've even been able to put a frigg'n show together! Oh, and you'll be happy to know that we have a brand new "Tom & Dan Straight Talk" for you, as well as a few guests up our sleeves.

On today's show:

Bad @ Business

Slender Man

Wife Bullying

Parody Songs

"The Frog"

Tom's Redneck Tip of the Week

Joseph and Jessie

Lennon Tribute Concert

Release the Demons

Thanks to all of you for listening and we really hope that you dug this weeks show! There's lots going on in the Tom & Dan camp and we're really looking to sharing everything new with you guys in the weeks to come. We'll see you guys next week!


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What else do you really need to know other than the fact that we basically had creator and continuing "punk rock royal court" member, Jerry Only of the Misfits completely highjack our show? Pretty cool, huh? We also debut a brand new feature on the show called "Tom & Dan Straight Talk" where you get to see a little bit more serious side of both of us. (Or do you?) We think you're really, really, really going to enjoy it. Special thanks again to Mr. Jerry Only, Ross, and Samantha for doing such a great job with the show today and Tom and I will see you guys next week!

Have a great weekend!


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Welcome to show number 2 hundred and 40 of "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan!" There's no need today for a big list of what we talked about today. Basically the concept of today's show was that we were going to call all of our friends and relatives and see what they were doing the day before Thanksgiving. 

We'll see how well that works out.

Thanks for listening and supporting the show. Please be safe and we'll see you guys next week!


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Thanks to everyone for tuning in today. It's the eve of our biggest event of the year and I really don't feel like typing more than just what we talked about today. Why? Well…let's see…Tom and I have been working our butts off all week to make sure that we all have a fantastic event. I've also got a brand new Xbox One up on the 17th floor with my name on it and I really want to check that out and see what it's all about. Sorry…just tired and need to have a little relaxation time before tomorrow. On that note…

On today's show:

Waffle House

Huffing and Puffington Post

Lucky Duck or Five Bucks?

"Clash of Clans" is ruining my life!

"Go to" drinking food

Orlando City Soccer News

Dick Professor

Food Coloring Changes Your Poop

Call to Zach (My Sister)

Tom's Trash Problem

DRugg is here!

Fatherly advice from DRugg

How to pack your gun

Strip Clubs

Thanks as always for listening and we hope to see all of you out at Johnny's Other Side tomorrow night!


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It's been a really, really, really long time of trying to get him him…but this week…we finally were able to get the legendary Jeff Howell on the show! 

That's not true. 

We didn't ask him and I can't really remember why we didn't other than it was just a massive over site on our part and for that we are sorry. Jeff's name has popped up quite a few times as a guest and for whatever reason it just didn't happen. I'm not really sure why because today…Jeff hit it out of the park! He's funny as all hell and his stories are always amazing. Truly. Major thanks to Jeff Howell for taking time out of his "not so busy" schedule to come in and do the show. We'll have you back in another 4 years.

On today's show:

Jeff is here!

Growing up with Blackie

Boxing for the white kids

The origins of "Clutch"

Steve from "Lake" Forrest calls in

Dog Tricks

Threesome Talk

Johnny from Johnny's Fillin' Station

DJ Squirrel

Naughty Lemon Splash

Gilloutine's Island

Thanks to all of you for listening to the show and we'll see you guys all at Johnny's Other Side for "Snootsgiving: Real Man Fest 2013! This is going to be our greatest event yet!


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Thanks so much for downloading today's podcast! You guys are the best! This was one of the absolute most fun shows that we've done on a Friday in a really long time! Most of the time we take very little time to plan out everything that's going to go on during the show BUT with that said, today's show was a complete exception! No, no, no, no really! We actually planned out today's show with tons of guests, new music (from D-Rugg), and all kinds of other amazing goodness.

On today's show:

Sofa and Suds - this Sunday - Sanford

Tom gets bullied

Richie Incognito = Dick Indisguise

Jacking: The Debate

Dan Host's SNL

No more asteroid talk!

Wife jerky

Tom & Dan Apocalypse

An ant update

"Java the Hut" Coffee House

Talking with Bruce about the NFL

Tom, an old man, and a Cobra Mustang

Tom & Dan get interviewed

Cannonball Run Champion - Ed Bolian

Thanks to all of you for downloading, listening, and rating us 5-stars on iTunes. Without you guys, we are nothing. Well, that's not entirely true but there would be no way that we would be able to afford to do this podcast and produce it for all 17 of you. You guys are amazing with your support and whatnot. Truly. We'll see you at Sofa and Suds on Sunday!


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There's really not much to say about today's show other than the fact that it was an "All-Star" show. Not only did Tuddle stop by to hang with us but resident VO wizard and creative genius Dan Stone stopped by today to hang out for our Friday Free Show.

Here's a picture of Tom, Dan and me…with all of the plaques that we received from the Orlando Weekly for our multitude of awards. 


We're f*cking awesome.


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Thanks so much for downloading and checking in with the show. Once again, we've been trying to keep all of our shows right at the 1 hour 30-45 minute mark but we missed the mark. So…you get another super sized "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan." I think today we went about 2 hours and some change but we had guests, cool things for you to do, emails, and news crazy!

On roady's show:

Daniel's Prostatitis

College Advice


The Tom & Dan hand signal

Wash your B.H.

How to break up with a fat chick

"Sofa and Suds"


Rupe Calls In

Tom vs. Seth

Concrete rap

#1 jail podcast


Don't forget to check out TomandDan.com and the event section to see where we're going to be and what cool things we've got for YOU to do. You'll love it! We've got football on Sunday, Sofa and Suds, and then the BEST EVENT IN THE UNIVERSE; Snootsgiving!

Thanks kids…we'll see you next week!


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