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The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

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On today's show:

Bohemian Grove

Bus Riding

Diarrhea on a bus = Hell on earth

Premium New Years Show

Griz Blood Shirt


Turnpike-ing a beer

A straight razor shave

Porn searching

Record players

Shower pooping

Straight to fingering

Mortician & funeral director

MortuaryReport.com with Heather

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Merry Christmas and a very Happy Holidays to all of you downloaders, "Scumbags" and "Big Dick Millionaires!" We're so glad to have all of you on board and we want to wish all of you the most wonderful and fantastic holiday season! We've had a tough go…and it's gonna be fantastic to start a new year and see where "T&D" goes! You're all with us and we thank you for that! Thanks for the 5 Star Ratings on iTunes and for the reviews…you guys are fantastic and super funny. It means the world to us…thanks again for the support. Words cannot express the feeling that we get when you tell us that you love the show. Thanks!

Today was our "Free Friday" Christmas episode. (If you don't know what "Free Friday" is…well…that's the original podcast. We've always done a free Friday show and always will. That will NEVER go away. We are under the impression that we should never take anything away from you guys. We love you and your loyalty and we will only "add too" and NEVER "take away." If you do want more of us, then you can feel free to subscribe to our "BDM" membership…you'll find that under the "subscribe" feature of TomandDan.com. It helps us to keep the studio running and obviously helps out Dan…he's a jobless bum now…and you're pretty much looking at his new job.

On today's show:

"Quack Like a Duck"

The Snootio

Post Office Ruiners

Send in pics wearing your merch!


#1 MeeMaw Podcast

Free shirt for G-ma pics

Diamond Level Members

Draft Systems

Feliz Navidav

Fanny Packs

Bear Fights

Uno Fingering

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Have a very, very, happy holiday!


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Thanks so much too everyone that tuned into today's Friday FREE show! As always, we will keep every show that we do every Friday FREE. We do offer a subscription package for those of you that want more content and you can find that by using the "sign up" section of TomandDan.com. To those of you that are #BDM status…thank you…you're really helping me out! As you all know, I've made a job change as of right now and by you guys subscribing keeps "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" on iTunes and on TomandDan.com. Thanks so much. It means more than you know…

On today's show:


"Quarry" Intern Mike's vomit story


Crime Scene Clean Up

The Expendables Call

Gandalf the Dog

Skydiving Crash

Seattle Caller

Big Ol' Ti*$ Controversy

Beat That Movie Down with D-Rugg

"Lawrence Fishberg"

Quack Like A Duck Video

Trombone Will calls

No Porno for Sex Offenders

BDM Nunchku

Thanks again, guys…you are all the best. Truly.


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These cats tell me I have something in my teeth…

It was really good to get back to the reason that Tom and I started doing this; the ability to just sit and shoot it and make each other laugh. We can all be honest and say that the week before everyone knew that there was a massive pick elephant in the room and we were obviously not at liberty to discuss it. That’s cool. You can only dwell in that much negativity before you start to truly loose the focus of…like we said at the origin of this post…the true reason why we were doing something. “A Mediocre Time” has always been…if anything…organic and fun. We intend to keep it like that. Forever. To those of you that are 100 percent new, WELCOME! We’re extremely glad to have all of you here at TomandDan.com. To those of you that have been with us for damned near 4 years…THANKS…it’s only going to get better.

For those of you that have been signing up, are signed up…or that might want more info about it….please hit us up at Show@TomandDan.com and I’m sure that we can fix or assist you in almost anyway that you need. (Within reason…no bl&* jobs, please.) Here’s a link if you’d like to get an extra “original” show and one “OG” or “Classic” show every Tuesday at 12am. We also give you a little companion before each show too so you know what to listen for if you’re a “T&D” newbie.

Today was a blast and we’ll just leave it at that…I’m tired and the past two weeks have been hell but at least we have a place that we can go to and blow off that stream and have a great time; TomandDan.com

Thanks to The Danger Brain, DIVUPS, Enemy Ink, Samantha the Intern, and Ross for being more help than you could ever imagine.

See you next week…and to those of you that are “Big Dick Millionaires”…we;ll see you on Tuesday. We think that you’re really going to love the show that we roll out for you. Here’s a hint…we’re not going in chronological order and this guy played Ellen’s Wedding…hmmmmmm…


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We don't really feel like writing a decription...but we left you a video at TomandDan.com

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We were without Ross today...but Brain was kind enough to head over and help us out with the phones. We hope that you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving...and we'll see you when the show retunrns from break next Friday! Thanks as always ansd make sure that you tell a friend!


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Snootsgiving 2 is TOMORROW!!! We can't wait to see all of you guys out at the West end Trading Company in Sanford starting at 7pm. The first 200 people will get "Tom and Dan lighters" and the first 100 people get a free Cigar City Beer. You're going to frigg'n LOVE it! Check out this Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/356704067757379/?fref=ts We can't wait to see all of you guys!

On today's show…we had the frigg'n SUPERVILLAINS!!! We love these guys and what better a group than these cats to come and hang with us and to usher in #Snootsgiving 2! They also have show on this Wednesday at the Beacham downtown…and both of us are going to be there so if you're looking for something fun to do before Thanksgiving…head on out! That is gonna be insane!

Also on today's show:

Samuel Gone Crazy

Cigar City Brewing

"Keeps the rat doo-doo out…"



Sleep Driving

Jai Lai at Jai Lai

The Goldfish Story 2.0

A Call from Rupe

Supervillains in studio

We'll see you guys at Snootsgiving! Can't wait to see you!


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Today was an odd day. We knew that we were going to have @TiffWorld (Tiffany Martin) from the band Dollface and @TonyRage (Tony Rage) from the band A Dying Regime. There was really nothing planned but it was a hell fun show. Thanks to both of the guy for coming in…we love you cats…you're the best.

On today's show:

Tony Rage

Tiffany Martin

House Arrest Chris Calls

Snootsgiving - Free Beer

"Old Enough to pee…#Snootsgiving"

Tiff in Vegas

PeePee Batman

D-Rugg's "Beat That Movie Down"

Pinky the porn star

"Act like a service dog."

The business letter to Jay Leno

Thanks for everything kids! Don't forget to rate us 5-stars on iTunes and leave us a review on iTunes.

All love,


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Happy Halloween!

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We have a completely EXTRA loaded show for you guys today! In case you were wondering about our awesome friend, Tiffany Martin from the band "Dollface", well…we've got the scope! Make sure and listen to the first hour of the show completely dedicated to #AMT's greatest guest EVER! (This was decided over many, many beers and many events where Tiffany helped us out. He's truly a wonderful person…friend for life!) Please support her: @TiffWorld  on Twitter and HERE on Facebook. Thanks to our friend Earl Funk from Trinity Tattoo for coming in and discussing graffiti and tattoos with us. He's rad…support him. 

We'll see you guys next week…


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So the wives wanted us to take them to the Pumpkin Patch and to Mt. Dora. This single audio tape is the result. Thanks to the scum bags that we met in Mt. Dora and thanks to the wonderful Pumpkin Patch…cheapest place in the world for the rarest pumpkins. Don't spend 25 bucks on any of those Winter Park "trendy-ass" pumpkins…this place…you can get three rad pumpkins for the exact same price!

Enjoy kids...don't forget about the new merch that we have on the website...

See you Friday!


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I'll fill this in later...


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Today was strange. Tom was grumpy…and I'm super, super, super tired. But we ended on a massively high note…with the wonky story. (Don't ask…just listen.) Thanks to Juan from the Cask and Lader for coming in…he made us hot sauce and it's frigg'n outstanding. OUTSTANDING! We might even be selling this in the weeks to come. We're working on it for #snootsgiving! Trust me…you'll love it. Thanks for downloading the show…spread the word…and be sure and rate us 5 stars on iTunes. I'm tired. 


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Thanks for downloading! Today's show is brought to you by www.AudiblePodcast.com/AMT

We're very, very lucky to have these guys as a sponsor. Make sure that you go to our link and download your free audio book. They're great people…and we're proud to have them on board.

On today's show:

We've got Samantha filling in for Ross. He's home with a sick kid and wasn't able to make it in today. We love him and his family and we hope that his little guy is feeling better. All love from T&D.

Brad and Charlie from The Attack and Enemy Ink come in today to talk about their new tour and about the t-shirt printing business. Have you heard of The Attack? Check them out at www.theattack.us …they're a killer band and great friends of ours. Their new album is called "Too Punk For The Hardcore Show/Too Hardcore For The Punk Show" album is out now…and it's frigg'n fantastic! Go buy it now!!! Their on tour right now with the f*cking Misfits! Can you believe that!!! That's insane. Make sure and help out those guys by downloading their music and if you're in their area…make sure you head out and check out the shows! www.theattack.us

We also get another movie review from D. Rugg. We're going to start calling this segment "Beat This Movie Down."

There you go...

See you next week…


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Today was a crazy day! Just SO much going on…and so much fun. It's hard for me to type this because everything is starting to blend together. First of all…Happy Birthday to Ross and we had a blast of a time out with him at The Other Bar to see his open mic night and to celebrate his birth. We love you Ross…you're the man and we're really glad that you joined us. Thanks for letting us give you $h1t. Today we had in Erick Feling, a local comic that we met at Ross' open mic, and a great local comic. (Hell of a great guy that you guy can catch any time in Orlando! Support local comedy! Check out this live…) So we've got that…and then we got to talk to the actual creator of "Fart-O-Gram", Adam Kling! We pitch a few of our own "Fart-O-Gram" for him…and it went…not…so…good. Then we get a movie review from Da Mohawk Don - D. Rugg!!! You're going to love that…

Thanks for listening and thanks for spreading the word! All love!


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Lots going on in the ol' "Tom and Dan" department. First of all we're sorry that the show started a little early today but Tom had a "quarry" commitment later today so we had to attempt to squeeze it in there. But at any rate, thanks for downloading and for supporting the show...

On today's show:

We got Tiffany with Fart-O-Gram


Fart-o-Gram Explained

An interview with Steve Lemme from Broken Lizard and Super Troopers

Stand-Up in Miami

Steve and Kevin Hefferner


$10 Dollar Password - DrunkyTheBear

Thanks to everyone that downloads and supports the show. Thanks to Steve for taking the time to let us waste his time playing radio. He was a great interview and so kind to join us on today's show. Thanks to our buddy Tiffany Martin for allowing us to torment her via Fart-O-Gram. She's always down for whatever and is truly an amazing show of the friend. (We love you Tiff…)

Mark it on your calendar! Snootsgiving 2 is November 17th at the West End Trading Company in Sanford. This is a killer, little reggae bar and the perfect place for "Snootsgiving #2 - The Reggae Bar-B-Que."

See you kids next week…


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Yep. There it is.

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Thanks to everyone for downloading and supporting the show! Today was an early one because Tom had to get to a prior commitment. 

On today's show:

How much whiskey to kill a baby?

David Blain: Black People Are Scared

Andrea the Giant

Dan Loves Elevators

Rapper, Parrot, Wrestler

The Car Wash story

Putin 2.0

IQ Testing

Cadillac Pat

Sleeping Naked

Lady cops

Thanks again for hanging out with us and we'll see you guys next week!


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We're definitely back in the swing of things and it feels pretty nice. After the massive amount of crap that we went through a few months back, it's so good to finally feel like you're on solid ground again. Thanks to all of you that have been helping us out through support among other things. You scumbags are the best!

Oh…for you Android users…don't forget that you can pick up the new Android game WordaBugs today's sponsor of Ross' Lasers! It's a great little word game made by some fellow scumbags so help to support us by helping your fellow 'bags out by downloading and playing their game! Awesome guys…awesome game!

On today's show we had our friend Gary Allen or as you'll know him on the show…Jay Lenno. (Two "n's" so we don't end up in court.) Also:

The Swallows-Jizzum Wedding

Do NOT cross Jay Leno


Sweet water brewery sponsor

Paul Vann Magazine Man

Giraffe Dork Website

Shipping moonshine

Women watching porn


Dan is a minister

"Is that music to them?"

As always…thanks for listening and please do us a favor and head over to iTunes and rate us 5 stars and leave us a little review. It really helps us out…

See ya next week,


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Today's show is brought to you by Audible. Try the wonderment that is an audio book by heading over to audiblepodcast.com/atm and trying a free book on us! Not only will you love your book but you'll also love audible and they'll love you! Help us out by trying their service for free! Thanks…and #snoots!

Thanks to Ross and Mrs. Ross for stopping by today and taking a tour of the 17 story mansion. I'm sorry that the pools were all closed for a private function. Next time we'll have a BBQ. Also thanks to Samantha for stopping by and holding down the fort when Ross had to dip. You're the best, kid!

On today's show:

Listening to poop

Diabetes Day

A check in call from Tiffany in LA

Tiffany's bed is sponsored

Service dogs

#1 Orlando Podcast in LA

@Tiffworld or @WeAreDollface

Yahya Jammeh

Pussy Admiral Hats

Mr. Marcus caused it all!

Thanks to all of you for listening and for supporting the show. Make sure and head over to iTunes and rate the show 5 stars. That helps us too! If you want to see us do more of this stuff, more parties, and just keep this train chugging along…it really helps us when you support us, help to spread the word, and support our sponsors.

See you next week,


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Hi there and welcome to Show #173 of "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan!" Tom was having more car issues so today's show was a quickie but a goodie. Thanks to Ross and Samantha for stopping by and hanging out with us. (Samantha smells better than Ross who drove his motorcycle to the show today in a Florida storm and got soaking wet. Nice job, Ross!)

On today's show:

Tom's car troubles

Sleep masks

Swingers Clubs

Samantha the Quarry Intern

"Always Expect the Worst!" - Tom

Candy Fun Movie Time

Pussy Riot

Vladimir Putin = Real Man

We love you J Medicine Hat…

Seeing BH's


Thanks for listening and supporting the show. Thanks to those of you that have taken the time to go to the iTunes profile that we have rate us 5 stars. It really, really helps us out when you do that and when you tell your friends! Thanks again…


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Tom and Dan sit down with comedian and Godfather of podcasting Adam Carolla to talk about his appearance at the house of Blues on the 26th of August and about how the radio world has changed.

Direct download: Tom_and_Dan_-_Adam_Carolla.mp3
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You might have noticed that we named today's show "Scoop Froggy Frog" and that has everything to do with Jeremiah's Italian Ice. Thanks very much to Jeremiah's and all of their staff for sending over some of their World Famous ices for us to try. (Scoop Froggy Frog happens to be my wife's favorite so trust me when I tell you that you've made her a very happy gal…) If you "scumbags" haven't been there well then do us one solid and make sure and check out the place…they're fantastic! 

Oh and sorry that this show is on a Thursday. Tom is going out of town for some advanced dive training and we needed to move it up a bit. Everything will be back to normal next week.

On today's show:

D cutting robot

The bonus barber show

Scuba Advanced Class

Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Tom's U-Turn

Dad cleans your room

"I like guns."

Pussy Riot


Dress better, please!

Arizon Flatts

Thanks as always for listening band for passing the show along word of mouth. We'll see you guys next week…


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Exactly what it says.

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It's a great day at Tom and Dan-fil-a…thanks for supporting and tuning in to Show #171 of "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan!" We've been itching to get back with you guys! We had a hell of a week and we're super happy to be back with you guys. Make sure and check out our new video from Lake Conway Wipeout and leave a few comments on TomandDan.com. We love having you guys on there and seeing the interaction. It's great stuff!

On today's show:


Dog Alzhimers

zzz meds

Card Declined

"That Bitch!"


Couch Caddy

Paul the Handyman

"Dress Me!"

AK Knife

Russian Bride

"I had to eat me some Cheez-Its! I'm drunk!"

DUI Advice

Thanks as always for listening and we still have a few of the "Eat Those Peppers" shirts at TomandDan.com …We have ladies sizes and a few more XLs ready to do. Stickers are on the site now too so take advantage of that now while we still have them in stock.

See you next week!


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Welcome to show #170 of "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan!" Can you believe it? We started the show on time today…partly because we'd like to welcome all of the tons of people that were helping us beta test our new Android version of the "MediocreApp." Thanks to all of you that were there helping us test the stream and trouble shoot this thing. MediJocre has really been working his ass off on it (in-between actually having a life, a job, and a family) and it looks like we're only a few weeks away from having it ready to go! Thanks again…to MediJocre and to the "scumbags" that downloaded and gave him respectful feedback.

If you haven't already ordered a shirt, you're going to want to get on it. The "Eat Those Peppers" shirts are flying out of here and we're really starting to whittle down the sizes. Ladies - we still have a good amount for you and the feedback so far from other ladies that purchased has been fantastic! Thanks again for your support and orders, guys! It means more than you guys will ever know that this thing has gotten this BIG!

On today's show:

Caesar is in studio because he has a tummy ache

Merch @ TomandDan.com

Kids at the Regatta

Crazy lines at Jerimiah's

"Splinter Tounge"


Seattle Chat

Christopher "God"

"I ate the d*ck pencil too."

"If it's not Big Brother or porno I don't watch it."

Garlic Bread Pizza

Thanks for everything guys and we'll see you in a week!


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Welcome to the one hundred and sixty-ninth show of "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan." If you were looking for this show to be posted earlier in the day, then we're really, really sorry. Tom had a prior commitment but as to make sure that we got a show in today we just decided to move everything back a few hours. A few things that are important: The "Eat Those Peppers" shirts are now in and currently my wife is picking them up so they're hot off the press. These shirts will be posted in the mech section at www.TomandDan.com as well as a special "combo edition" that you can buy that will include a very limited amount of the new Tom and Dan "Pepper Mugs." (You might have seen these on the website a while back.) It's a giant coffee mug with both a hot girl eating her peppers and the Tom and Dan logo on both the front and the back. There are ONLY 24 of these so you're going to have to act fast if you've got your eyes on one of them. We will also have a few of the very limited Tom and Dan "Some of my best friends are boat cops…" cozies for sale too but these are extremely limited too! Thanks as always for downloading and supporting us…it truly means more than you know.

On today's show:

Where's Gordo?

We have ladies shirts!

Tiff @ The Abbey TONIGHT!

Wipeout @ Lake Conway

Real Man Advice

"Real men don't lie…"

The N word of the future

"Taboo" porn audio

Cathy = married to son

How Dare You = Great band

A call from Andy Treehorn

The Jesus App

Thanks for listening and we'll see you next week for show #170!


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Thanks as always for downloading and hanging with "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan." This week we say goodbye to the best guest that we've ever had…Tiffany Martin of the band Dollface. Most of you that know what our day job is will know that we've worked with Tiff for almost 10 years and she's leaving Orlando to head to LA to work on things with her band. We wish her nothing of the best and we were more than happy to have her in the T & D studio one last time to say goodbye. We've talked to tons of people in our time but no one is better, funnier, or cooler than Tiffany. Thanks Tiff…Tom and I will miss you with all of our hearts. Truly.

On today's show:

"Anger Bees" a brand new song

@TiffWorld LIVE in the studio

Tiffany Takes LA


"Boom Snap Clap"

Tiffany and Dollface at the Abbey July 20th…be there!

High thinking…

PO Box 141485, Orlando, FL 32814

Porn at the library

Thanks as always for listening! The "Anger Bees" shirts have been ordered and should be in stock next week. Plus we're going to have new stickers and a few other surprises for you guys.

Thanks for listening…


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I was getting back from vacationing in St. Augustine Beach today so I really wan't in the mood to do a show. Now, that's not to say that i don't love it…I do…but I was still on "Island Time" so setting up the studio and getting my head on straight was super difficult for some reason. Without really a plan of attack, we wandered down the path of the "wild-man." It just so happens that the "wild-men" were out today and they called our show repeatedly to tell us about how it is being the wildest of the male species. We also had Tony Rage from the band "A Dying Regime" in to talk about the tour that they're leaving for on Saturday. Make sure and check them out if you haven't already…awesome band!


On today's show:



A house arrest call from Chris

Live like you're dying?

"Rocks is Rocks."

Put a little ranch on your BH

Who sleeps naked?

Putting my mouth on your waste organs.

Suck a big fat T = the story.

Making out with fat chicks


Thanks as always for the support and for downloading. All that we ask is that you offer the show up to one of your friends that might not have heard of it before. Believe it or not but there are still plenty of people that don't even know that we do this on Fridays for fun. Help us out by educating a person about "A Mediocre Time."





Direct download: Show_167.mp3
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It's back to normal at the old T & D Media home office. No guests this week and we're back to just the guys shooting the shiz. We were running s little late today and definitely started later and I think our punchiness shows that. Thanks as always for downloading and we hope that you enjoy this weeks show. 

On today's show:

Hamburger Helper

Hunger = Anger

Blind or Deaf?

"Lord of Sex"

Man Scale, 1-10

A call from Justice the gay lawyer

What's "The Never-ending Story?"

"Ross is being a being a serious grown up and bumming me out."

Tom can't by kids toys

A call from Britney the cam girl..uh…guy…uh…girl

A call from Seth Petruzelli - MMA Legend

"All Blessings Removed!"

#1 Albertson's Podcast

We'll see you guys in a week! Don't forget to rate us 5-stars on iTunes and to tell a friend!


Direct download: Show_166.mp3
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Exactly what it says...

Direct download: Tom_and_Dan_go_to_the_Pawn_Shop_EDIT.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:30pm EDT

Thanks so much for the guys from the band Junior Doctor for hanging out with us. We love music and we've both been around a ton of bands but these guys above anything are genuine and super fun to hang with…you need to check them out and support these guys. They're on Warped Tour this summer so they just might be heading to a town near you! Make sure and let Mark, Richard, and Jarred know that you head them on the show! Check them out at JRDRMUsic.com and look for Dan in their new music video for their song "Uh Oh." He has a great mustache. 


On today's show:


Junior Doctor in studio.

Daniel VS Death.

Pill mills.

Asian Ghost hair girls.

Crazy…check. Fat…check.

Sex teachers.

Granny Bus Attack.

"Power Team Never Forgets.

JrDr Live song.

AMT Jingle!

"I control my diarrhea." 

"Cirque Style."

"Flush your butt."


Thanks as always for listening and be sure to check TomandDan.com to see when we have the new "Eat Your Peppers" shirts in. We're thinking that they're going to be done very, very soon…


All love,



Direct download: Show_165.mp3
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Thanks so much to our guest this week, comedian Pedro Lima. He's an amazing guy who's always been sweet to us…so in turn, we will always be sweet to him. (Look him up on Facebook and Twitter: @ricangorilla) Great dude. It never surprises me that we have an abundance of great talent in this area. It's right under your noses folks…you've just got to look for that shiz a little bit. It's not too hard to find. Thanks Pedro…we can't wait to have you back…


On today's show:


Pedro Lima LIVE in studio.

"Light Beer"

El Chupapodcast at RampantRadio.com

It's a Wonderful Life.

1978 Superman.

Comedy road trips.

"I don't want to be a God damn walking Ross."


No more sonograms on Facebook. Please.


Thanks again for checking out the show, guys. Make sure and be active on TomandDan.com because we paid a shit ton of music for that site! (Can't you tell…it's pretty f'n amazing, huh?) Thanks to all of you for downloading. It means more than you know. 


See you next week.



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First and foremost, a very special thanks to Granny Vicki for allowing us to call her and for being on the show. If you don't know what we're talking about then you need to hang out until the third segment of the show. Truly one of the greatest moments in T&D history…our first granny interview.


On today's show:


Rupe…in studio.

A tour of Dan's house.

"I forgot about my Lambo."

Automatic Pancake maker.

Condoms and Bibles.


Bikers. What's up with that?

Kanye Shoes.


The Mediocre Trucker.

The first interview of "What's Shakin' Granny."

Hippie Granny Stories.


Thanks as always for listening…expect a new T&D shirt to be coming out in the next couple of weeks. We have an awesome design that will be "peppers" crazy.



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Hello kids…thanks for downloading.


First things first…for those of you that were thinking about getting a shirt or a hat from www.TomandDan.com, you can now get double the shirts! Order one shirt or a hat and get a free Danger Brain shirt while supplies last! They're pretty rad shirt too…I've got one on right now! (Totally not kidding…) Thanks to Nate from www.Studio222Photography for not only shoot pictures of us today but also telling us a few photography stories. We'll put those pictures on the blog as soon as we can. Prepare to be impressed.

On today's show:

Dan's Twitter Fighter Glenn Hefner's son calls.

"Bring me the black towel."

"Air Force boot camp is basically kissing guys."

Ben from Atlanta

Marc Maron and Killer Beaz

The PO Box

Tom's Grandpa = Stoplight King

"What's Up Granny?"

Wedding Photographers are RIGHT!!!

Tom's lesbian wedding.


Thanks as always for listening and for taking the time to download and support us during this time. Don't forget about the extra shirts and we'll see you in a week!



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Thanks for all of you that have stuck by us. …listen to the show if you want anymore than just that statement. Today…we were a little bit more back to normal. I'm sure you'll agree.


On today's show:


Dan's Underware.

Are we bugged?

Dan's big BM.

Etchie and Pedro get bummed all of the time…

Reggie Watts and Jenna Hirt LIVE from DC


Mellow Mike returns with trivia…

Bible chat with Tom and Dan…and a guy.

Ross' News


To all of you that have been worried about where the show is going…let us assure you that we're here to stay. We've have plenty of people try to tear something that we love to do down and we're not willing to let is go…not now…not ever. Thanks for sticking by us and being the best fans that any two guys playing radio could ever ask for.


All love and peppers,



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...exactly what it says.

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