A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.
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This week's show was amazing; amazing in the fact that we were actually able to pull it off! Tom and I are great friends but at the same time I think our relationship works so well because we're both so different. I'm a self proclaimed "emotional crazy person" and Tom is a robot, void of all emotion and only deals with logic. Oddly enough, it's a fantastic mix. Tom's a little stressed right now and normally I would be too, but lately I've made so many mistake in my day to day life that I've sort of given up at even giving a damn about me and my own mental issues. Why am I type this to you? Because I'm in charge of the show notes and the "robot, void of all emotion who only deals with logic" is not.

On today's show:

The green berets of fat.

Tom is "atrocities man."

Realistic baby dolls.

No nipples is SO better.

Ben Rodriguez & Josh Whitehead from "Funny or Die."

Ross' comedy troop - Fat Lightning

"Waxing the Bassoon."

Manchester United Scumbag

Steve Foxbury & Matthew Fowler

"Blending Last Names."

Changes in the music industry.

Matthew Fowler plays live.

Thanks for listening guys…

We'll see you next week.


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There are some times when Tom drinks during the show…and it's AWESOME! Today we were waiting on our guest Rebecca to show up and Tom started dipping into the old "Coors Lights." We think that you guys will love this episode and really enjoy the fact that Tom is a little more loose than he normally is.

On today's show:

Ross goes to D-Rugg's birthday party.

Ross: Pine Hill Ninja

Our Friend Rebecca


Thanks to everyone for listening to the show and for taking the time to download. Do us a favor and head over to iTunes and rate us 5-star and leave us a little review. We'd love that and we'll see you guys next week.

All the best,


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On today's show:

Teeth Talk

Tom's EXTREME nipple hair.

Magician of fingering

"The Long Saw"

Peeping Tom

Tom & Dan have a lot of people cry in front of them.

Can you F a blow hole?

A talk with Timmy.

Emails with Samantha

...simple and to the point.


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Heading to my graduation dinner. I'll ad this later...



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