A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Nothing but the best...for the best. - d

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* Tom's RV share- has to change outfit to fit the part

* Big Epi
*  Seth drives his tampon car "for the kids"
* Seth's karate dance
* Tom looks at himself while banging and it looks like him sliding off of a roof
* Slam Hog
* Mike Tyson/Roy Jones Jr fight
* Netflix India controversy 
* Greg Norman's big ol beach D
* Like water on a goose dick 
* Priest pees on a passenger on a plane
* Discontinued cereals 
* Tom watched 365 days 
* Doing the Golden Tee
* Sledgehammer lyrics
* Addicted to Switch 
♥️ - d
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A collection of what Dan and Samantha consider their best offerings from the last week of "A Corporate Time" shows. Or just a bunch of yelling. - d

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* Grandpas in porn

* Rakin the corns
* Key West Uncle Rico
* Tommy's ant bite scare
* Tom killing it on Mario 
* "I gotta stab your sacks!"
* Dan showing medical marijuana card to the bank teller
* Ross' news
* "Why don't my wishes come true?" - Tommy
* Rescued elephant from well 
* Pope "liking" Brazilian booty model on Instagram 
* Toy Hall of Fame inductees
* Cur your own Jenga 
* Underwater scooter getaway 
* Addresses on envelopes 
* Fresh Prince reunion 
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Have a wonderful morning. :) - d

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We hope that these podcast notes find you well. We're closing up shop, editing videos, and about to get out of here for the day. With that said, peep the new logo for the year! We're more than stoked about it and the fellas at The Danger Brain did a bang-up job, and always do to make us look rad. Thanks, fellas. 

So on this week's show, we had the whole gang - Seth on the news and an appearance from BOTH wives! Can you f'n believe it? Let's do this:

* Tom is hangry 

* Tom's gums are bleeding
* Passing on oblivious traits to Tommy
* Choplocked
* Homeless Harry Pots "episode" in the street 
* Concrete Mike calls in 
* Seth cries during Karate Kid
* Miyagidook
* Queer eyed- Seth crying
* White Castle vs Krystals
* Microdosing ayahuasca
* Trash tapas
* Crystal stops by 
* Farmer killed by dog 
* Butler's didgeridoo
* Lawn ornaments 
* Special needs gift-giving- Plastic soup bowl 
* Cancerous gooch cramps
* Orlando girls eat butt
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! I know that we might be limited in what we can do while this stupid pandemic is going on, but let's at least be safe. All love and thanks for listening. - d
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Sorry for the corrupt file earlier this week. I'm not really sure what's going on but we'll get to the bottom of it. Thanks for listening. - d

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Pure insanity. 

That's where we are folks. And I'm not even talking about what's happening in the world, I'm talking about today's show. (Kidding...it was actually pretty mellow today.) Thanks for joining us and we're more than happy to have you. Today, we were lucky enough to have Ross join us on news, which is always rad. Don't forget that he's got a big comedy show coming up tomorrow night at Bloodhound Brew. Peep the link HERE!

On this week's show:

* Letting Tommy say bad words

* The "C" word 
* Mail on male
* Coming up with your own facts
* Streaming Among Us
* Baby leaves a voicemail 
* Smooth crackey 
* Dilating eyes- Andrea calls in 
* "She wants more than the can"
* Ross POS news
* Ross got his eyebrow ring ripped out by fucking
* Putin has Parkinson's?
* Shit shank
* Kids upstairs throwing sticks
* BDM lego tattoo
* Vito Barkinson
* Masked Singer audience
* Tom mumbling through commercials
Have a wonderful weekend, ya'll! All love! 
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We da BEST! - d

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