A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

We're definitely back in the swing of things and it feels pretty nice. After the massive amount of crap that we went through a few months back, it's so good to finally feel like you're on solid ground again. Thanks to all of you that have been helping us out through support among other things. You scumbags are the best!

Oh…for you Android users…don't forget that you can pick up the new Android game WordaBugs today's sponsor of Ross' Lasers! It's a great little word game made by some fellow scumbags so help to support us by helping your fellow 'bags out by downloading and playing their game! Awesome guys…awesome game!

On today's show we had our friend Gary Allen or as you'll know him on the show…Jay Lenno. (Two "n's" so we don't end up in court.) Also:

The Swallows-Jizzum Wedding

Do NOT cross Jay Leno


Sweet water brewery sponsor

Paul Vann Magazine Man

Giraffe Dork Website

Shipping moonshine

Women watching porn


Dan is a minister

"Is that music to them?"

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Thanks to Ross and Mrs. Ross for stopping by today and taking a tour of the 17 story mansion. I'm sorry that the pools were all closed for a private function. Next time we'll have a BBQ. Also thanks to Samantha for stopping by and holding down the fort when Ross had to dip. You're the best, kid!

On today's show:

Listening to poop

Diabetes Day

A check in call from Tiffany in LA

Tiffany's bed is sponsored

Service dogs

#1 Orlando Podcast in LA

@Tiffworld or @WeAreDollface

Yahya Jammeh

Pussy Admiral Hats

Mr. Marcus caused it all!

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Hi there and welcome to Show #173 of "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan!" Tom was having more car issues so today's show was a quickie but a goodie. Thanks to Ross and Samantha for stopping by and hanging out with us. (Samantha smells better than Ross who drove his motorcycle to the show today in a Florida storm and got soaking wet. Nice job, Ross!)

On today's show:

Tom's car troubles

Sleep masks

Swingers Clubs

Samantha the Quarry Intern

"Always Expect the Worst!" - Tom

Candy Fun Movie Time

Pussy Riot

Vladimir Putin = Real Man

We love you J Medicine Hat…

Seeing BH's


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Tom and Dan sit down with comedian and Godfather of podcasting Adam Carolla to talk about his appearance at the house of Blues on the 26th of August and about how the radio world has changed.

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You might have noticed that we named today's show "Scoop Froggy Frog" and that has everything to do with Jeremiah's Italian Ice. Thanks very much to Jeremiah's and all of their staff for sending over some of their World Famous ices for us to try. (Scoop Froggy Frog happens to be my wife's favorite so trust me when I tell you that you've made her a very happy gal…) If you "scumbags" haven't been there well then do us one solid and make sure and check out the place…they're fantastic! 

Oh and sorry that this show is on a Thursday. Tom is going out of town for some advanced dive training and we needed to move it up a bit. Everything will be back to normal next week.

On today's show:

D cutting robot

The bonus barber show

Scuba Advanced Class

Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Tom's U-Turn

Dad cleans your room

"I like guns."

Pussy Riot


Dress better, please!

Arizon Flatts

Thanks as always for listening band for passing the show along word of mouth. We'll see you guys next week…


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Exactly what it says.

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It's a great day at Tom and Dan-fil-a…thanks for supporting and tuning in to Show #171 of "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan!" We've been itching to get back with you guys! We had a hell of a week and we're super happy to be back with you guys. Make sure and check out our new video from Lake Conway Wipeout and leave a few comments on TomandDan.com. We love having you guys on there and seeing the interaction. It's great stuff!

On today's show:


Dog Alzhimers

zzz meds

Card Declined

"That Bitch!"


Couch Caddy

Paul the Handyman

"Dress Me!"

AK Knife

Russian Bride

"I had to eat me some Cheez-Its! I'm drunk!"

DUI Advice

Thanks as always for listening and we still have a few of the "Eat Those Peppers" shirts at TomandDan.com …We have ladies sizes and a few more XLs ready to do. Stickers are on the site now too so take advantage of that now while we still have them in stock.

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