A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

So these two dudes dropped by and they're playing tonight at Will's Pub on Mills. Go out there and support awesome, badass local music. We had a great show today and we were going to release this as a BDM show but it was so good that we thought we'd just release it to everyone. So…as Adam Lee would say, "You're welcome."

Matt Woods:

Here's the short story. Matt has been a figure in the East Tennessee music scene for the past ten years. Located in Knoxville, TN, he has performed in several bands as well as working as a solo artist. Matt has shared the stage with the likes of CAKE, Drivin' n' Cryin', Will Hoge, Kevn Kinney, Roger Clyne (of The Refreshments), Garrison Starr, Tim Lee, Mic Harrison (of the V-Roys and Superdrag), Doug Gillard (of Guided By Voices) , Two Cow Garage, Col. Bruce Hampton & the Code Talkers, Zac Brown, Graham Colton, Brian Vander Ark (of The Verve Pipe), The Features and a seemingly never-ending list of talented independent artists who aren't getting the widespread respect they deserve from points around the globe. Matt spent his earliest years with a band called Magpie Suite, which received a bit of notoriety around the southeast and produced three albums. Until recently, he worked devotedly with his latest band Plan A, where he wrote songs, sang, played guitars, played cards, drank beers, and often drove from show to show along the east coast in a big, brown van named Daisy. Plan A released and supported two full length albums between 2004 and 2009. Through solo performances and band appearances, Matt has averaged over 200 shows a year for the past few years, an average that would be higher if it weren't for a very unfortunate thumb-wrestling accident in the spring of '06. At home, Matt also performs in a duo called Adapted Wood with long time friend Tod Sheley every Monday night, and in several other projects featuring a number of talented musicians. He can also be found sitting in from time to time at random shows in the Knoxville area.

Adam Lee:

In the world of a working band there is no greater constant than the road. Few know this better than Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company, the Kansas City band who put their original spin on that classic country sound. With the release of their sophomore album, 'When the Spirits Move Me,' Lee and company touch on many of the elements so familiar to their life on the road. From wild nights in far away towns, to barroom brawls and goodbye kisses, the band expertly explain their travelling life. All with the swingin' shuffles and country flair of your favorite 45's. But then again, winding highways and endless mile markers are something they know well.

Upon completion of their first record, 'Ghostly Fires,' the band commenced a wide-spread and heavy touring schedule. Since the release of 'Ghostly Fires' the band has also spent a good deal of time refining their already unique sound. While their first album touches on the more subtle tones of Americana, 'When the Spirits Move Me' focuses on the band's affinity for classic country. Twelve tracks of heartbreaking honky tonk that sound right at home in the swingin beer joints and rural roadhouses the band often plays.

Leading the way is Adam Lee whose basement baritone perfectly presents the highs and lows of life on the road. Joining Lee are Johnny Kay (electric guitar, mandolin) and Boomerang Dave Bruchmann (upright bass), and when this train starts a-chuggin, folks had better hold on. Their live show is a rowdy and rollicking good time full of all original honky tonk music -- songs to drink to, cry to, and most of all dance to. So bring a date, grab a drink, and don't forget your dancin' shoes. Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company are headed down the highway, and there's no end in sight.

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Yep. That's it.

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So it's Tom's birthday so we take the time to throw him one hell of a "birthday show." And by one hell of a birthday show we mean "just a regular show." Tonight we've got a little gathering at Caddy Shanks in Baldwin Park and we're going to play a little ping-pong and hang out with you guys to celebrate almost 200 shows and Tom's 31st birthday! Happy birthday buddy! We hope you have a good one!

On today show:

Tom's Birthday

Park Ranger Deadbeat Dad

Some Good Prov

Jury Duty Tom (Clowny)

Just Horsing Around

Horse Porn in not Animal Abuse

Thanks to everyone for listening and taking the time to rate us 5-stars and leave us a review on iTunes. Ross says that helps. We're not sure but we attempt to believe him as much as we can. He's good people and we really have no reason to not trust him. To those of you that already know about the gathering tonight, we'll see you there.

Thanks as always,


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Welcome to this week's #FreeFriday show of "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan." (Why have we started calling this the #FreeFriday show? Well, we're never going to take the Friday show away from those of you that have been listening to it for years. If you've been living in a hole, you might not know that we also do a paid show on Tuesdays where we release an "OG" or old school show and then one brand new show that can only be head if you subscribe. It's pretty rad stuff. You might want to check it out!) Dan's back has been out so he's a little out of it. (This is Dan typing this and I'm pain-pill crazy right now.) We're back to a normal show with Tom, Dan, Ross and Samantha. We hope you enjoy it and as always, thanks so much for downloading and spreading the word.

On today's show:

Dan's Back

Snow Day!

Spanish Griz

Clowny Clerk is my lawyer

Pants in France

Tom invents the bike

Rup questions the business plan

Eiffel Tower Jump


Girl Emails!

"If I didn't jA$k off, my balls would blow up!"

T & D Sex Dream

#1 Uncircumcised Podcast

Boss pooping

Heartbreak Junkies show St. Patrick's Day

Thanks again for listening to the show! It really means a lot to us that you're out there supporting us. We have the greatest listeners in the world and are so lucky to have you scumbags helping us promote and get the word out about the show. We're trying to get this show bigger and better and we know that's going to start with you guys. If there are any friends that you have that you think might enjoy the show, please let them know about us!

We'll see you #BDM's on Tuesday and the rest of you (that are really and truly missing out…), we'll see you next Friday for another "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan."


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Thanks as always for listening to the show and for taking time to download the show and whatnot. We are SO happy to have all of you and create this nice little family. (Wow…that's way too positive for me. Seriously.) Thanks for Kendra and Carmen who came in today. They're awesome ladies and we're so glad that they came in. On today's show:

It's another "Dan's Mom Fart-o-gram."

Too much wine.

Ping pong - birthday party Feb 15th

Not designed for a 32' neck

Wine and Beans

This is maybe horribly insulting…

No my first name is Doctor, idiot.

He doesn't believe in pre-cum.

Dan Marino's love child

Taint Sneeze Pain

Smooth Penis

Porn Favorites

Boner Break

I'm'a Dan Marino your ass tonight… - Black God

Mr. MacGruber: Small Dick Pooro

Andy Treehorn on prostitutes

Andy>Dan Marino

Sponsored by Pop Rocks

Zimbabwe broke


S. Korean Jerks

Comedy war stories

Laser on the V?

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