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Today we had the pleasure of having comedian Jo Koy on the show! (Many of you might know him from Comedy Central, the television show "Chelsea Lately, guest spots on "The Adam Carolla Podcast," and from touring all over this fine nation of ours.) As with most of the comedians that we interview, I will say that Jo exceeded all expectations! Not only was he hilariously funny but he was also one hell of a great guy! Much love and thanks not only to him and his lovely girlfriend but also to Alex and the Orlando Improv for providing Jo with transportation to our studio. We've been getting more and more of these big name comics on the program and we know that we have all of you "scumbags" to thank for that. Apparently you guys are purchasing tickets and going to the shows and that's a fantastic thing! You help out the Improv and that helps us. It's a fantastic little relationship that we've got going here and lets do our best to keep it going! (If you're going to any of Jo's shows this weekend, make sure that you wear some T&D gear and let him know that you heard him on the show. I'm almost positive that the Improv and Jo would love to know that you got a chance to hear him.) If you need tickets or more information, call 407-480-5233 or head over to TheImprovOrlando.com. Great folks and if you've never been, it's a great room!


On today's show:

BDM Party Preview?

Dan almost dies from shrimp

Ross - Pepper Pants or Pepper Pockets

Ross' News


Coochie Cutters


Thanks again for downloading and supporting the show! It really does mean more than we could ever say. We try at times but words just don't express the amount of pride and gratitude that we have for the show and for those of you that support us. So until next time, be sure and follow us on Twitter - @AMediocreTime, search for us on Facebook, and we'll see you next week!



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On today's show we celebrate Tom's new baby boy Tommy and the fact that we've been doing this show for the past 5 years! I'm going to spare you the ultra-long list of what we talked about but I will let you know that it was hella fun being back in the studio for the live show and we had Orlando's own "The Sh-Booms" on to talk about soul and dating! Hahaha! We hope that all of you will join us tomorrow night at Ember downtown starting at 7pm. All of the details are HERE! 

We love you guys and can't wait to see each and everyone of you to celebrate the fact that we did it! We're a living and breathing, independent broadcasting company and we have only all of you that listen to thank for that!

See you tomorrow!



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This week, Tom Vann - Dad Man - is currently enjoy the birth of his new little boy Tommy. In preparation because we had a great deal of time to plan, Tom (yes Tom!) put together a list of his favorite show moments from the past 5 years. Some are old. Some are "origin stories." Some are bits that are just so dang good that you've got to keep listening to them over and over and over. Unlike what we used to do at the Quarry, we actually took a great deal of time to prepare this show for you and to select things that we thought would really make your Friday morning better. Special thanks and love to Samantha for doing 99% of the editing and gathering on this track and from all of us here at "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan," we really hope you enjoy every minute of it!

Have a great weekend and we'll be back LIVE next week!



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Today might end up being the final show that Tom does with no baby. Contrary to what everyone else thinks, I think it's going to be great and I wish them nothing but the best. Today was hell on the airwaves in the fact that we had a packed house, did emails and news, and our special guest Seth Petruzelli stopped by to tell us what he's been doing since retiring from MMA. 

On today's show: 

Caesar in an SOB

Country Bear Jamboree



Blind Wipers


Breast Feeding

Dan's Dream

The Old Dog Tail Bomb

Seth Petruzelli

Mellow Mushroom-Mighty Meaty

Symphony of Skin


Grappling Tourney Master Class

Seth's Porkasaurus

Whales Exploding

Junkies Reunion @ Yacht Club


Thanks to all of you fur downloading the show and supporting us. It truly means more than we could ever explain to all of you. We do this 100% independently and our only backers are us. AND YOU! You guys are 100% the reason that we're on the air. Without all of you that listen, download, and invest in the show, we would not be able to do this. Massive thanks to all of you! See you next week for a very special Tom and Dan show!



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