A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

We don't really feel like writing a decription...but we left you a video at TomandDan.com

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We were without Ross today...but Brain was kind enough to head over and help us out with the phones. We hope that you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving...and we'll see you when the show retunrns from break next Friday! Thanks as always ansd make sure that you tell a friend!


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Snootsgiving 2 is TOMORROW!!! We can't wait to see all of you guys out at the West end Trading Company in Sanford starting at 7pm. The first 200 people will get "Tom and Dan lighters" and the first 100 people get a free Cigar City Beer. You're going to frigg'n LOVE it! Check out this Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/356704067757379/?fref=ts We can't wait to see all of you guys!

On today's show…we had the frigg'n SUPERVILLAINS!!! We love these guys and what better a group than these cats to come and hang with us and to usher in #Snootsgiving 2! They also have show on this Wednesday at the Beacham downtown…and both of us are going to be there so if you're looking for something fun to do before Thanksgiving…head on out! That is gonna be insane!

Also on today's show:

Samuel Gone Crazy

Cigar City Brewing

"Keeps the rat doo-doo out…"



Sleep Driving

Jai Lai at Jai Lai

The Goldfish Story 2.0

A Call from Rupe

Supervillains in studio

We'll see you guys at Snootsgiving! Can't wait to see you!


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Today was an odd day. We knew that we were going to have @TiffWorld (Tiffany Martin) from the band Dollface and @TonyRage (Tony Rage) from the band A Dying Regime. There was really nothing planned but it was a hell fun show. Thanks to both of the guy for coming in…we love you cats…you're the best.

On today's show:

Tony Rage

Tiffany Martin

House Arrest Chris Calls

Snootsgiving - Free Beer

"Old Enough to pee…#Snootsgiving"

Tiff in Vegas

PeePee Batman

D-Rugg's "Beat That Movie Down"

Pinky the porn star

"Act like a service dog."

The business letter to Jay Leno

Thanks for everything kids! Don't forget to rate us 5-stars on iTunes and leave us a review on iTunes.

All love,


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Happy Halloween!

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