A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.
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Hey there guys.

We know it's going to catch a lot of you guys off guard that we're broadcasting on a Wednesday but we've got to do that so Tom can get the hell to Colorado for vacation and hang with his friends! Also, as soon as he get's back we'll be getting right back plane and heading to California to watch ourselves lose the 2013 Stitcher Awards. So there's that.

Thanks to all of you that joined us live today and thanks to all of you for downloading. It really means more than you know and we're so glad that you guys have been hanging with us for so long.

On today's show:

Miller Beer

Ice Cube

A sack of beers

Russian Problems Again



An Interview with Logan and Will from "As Dreamers Do"

Thanks for listening everyone. I guess the next time that we chat with you, we'll be in California. Wish us the best! 



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Hey there kids!

We're in Philly!

We're hanging out of the MLS (Major League Soccer) SuperDraft and having a great time sans the fact that we both have the flu and we're almost dead. We haven't been drinking at all and all we've been doing is working and sleeping. Sounds great, huh? We're sorry that this show is a little bit late in being posted but we were busy most of the day with some pretty exciting soccer stuff and also needed enough time to check into our new hotel near the Naval Yard. (Surprisingly…there's is nothing to do here. I thought those Navy dudes likes to get party-craz-mo? Guess not.) We hope that you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed fumbling through South Philly. By the way…cabs are really fucking expensive here and I'm pretty sure that our company is now bankrupt due to us just riding around.

All the best,




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#Black Bottle Boys ...

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Lots going on…lots going on…lots going on…lots going on…

Don't forget to vote for us for "Best Comedy Show" for the 2013 Stitcher Awards. 

That's it.

On today's show:

Stitcher Awards

"Down with the Golden Gate Bridge."

Tom has "pregnancy brain."

Swedish Potatoes

Magic Man Calls In

Taking advantage of minorities

Crazy side effects

Crazy Train Charity

Snoop Dogg in a Wienermobile 

Update with Scumbag Chris

Dolphins get high on Puffer Fish

Awesomeness Autism

Tom and Dan Movie

Atrocities of a port-o-let

Thanks for listening folks! We'll see you next week. (BDM Members…we'll see you on Monday!)


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