A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Here's your "ACT Best Of" of the week. And yes, we're behind a week because of like that thing that happened that was bad. You know the thing. 😎 With that said, have a fantastic weekend and we'll be back from vacation on Monday! - d

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We are very lucky boys. 

Well - that's only if you actually believe in luck, but with that said, the World Famous Piff the Magic Dragon Skyped in today. And seriously, we don't know why? I mean, you've heard our show. Right? We agree. With all of that said, Piff emailed Tom and said that he misses (a little bit) being on the road and having the ability to drop by his favorite podcasts and get coughed on and have his hand shaken. Well, we can't do that, so you're going to have to settle for this virtual interview with the only magic dragon in existence. Seriously, THANK YOU Piff for always being so kind and sweet to us. Lord knows, with the couple of weeks that I and the gang have had, this was a fantastically needed and enjoyed surprise. 

With all of that, we are now officially on vacation. I'm not really sure how to feel about this. I mean, I know that I need it but I'm still sad and have my freak out moments. I guess I'll just do my best and go from there. We all know that Tom and Sam will come back with all of the stories. I'll try to gather a few too. Apparently, Butler is working? Who knows! lol

On this week's show:

Skype with Piff the Magic Dragon

* OnlyDragons.com

* Donations making Tom mad

* Fruck You!

* Ross' POS news

* Biggie crown sold for $600K

* Chinese racial slur used by a professor

* Sonic diarrhea

* Running out of monkeys for COVID testing

* Tommy affecting Maisie's behavior 

* Masks in commercials

* Miscarriage and anxiety in the morning

* B.B. Dings

* Tom's professional driver

* Companion urns


Dig it. Off to be with my family. (What's left of it. I'm sorry. I don't really have control over the things that I type. I should not have come here.)


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Dearest T&D Family,

I just got home from handling a few more piles of bullsh*t that comes with the death of a family member - in a town that I don't want to be in - talking to people that I don't want to talk to. And, let me be clear, they're all wonderful people. I'm just not in the mood to be handling all of this. Not that anyone would be, but I'm just trying my best to execute Mamma's wishes, be kind to those that cared for her, and also not collapse in the process and I've got to tell you, this sh*t is hard. I'm not sure how Mom did all of this when Dad died and didn't freak the f*ck out. It's terrible. Simply terrible. I'm really sorry that I haven't been able to get back to all of you and reply to all of your kind and thoughtful comments, well wishes, and prayers. It means the world to me - every comment is helpful in propping me up, and getting me back to the way that I need to be. You guys are amazing and I love you all so much. You're one of the only reasons that I'm even ok. You guys, my amazing and fantastic wife, and my kind, loving, and hilarious daughter who seems to know that lately, I need a good laugh. My head hurts, so I'm going to wrap it up but not without saying to all of you how much you all meant to Mom. Mom really enjoyed being on the show. She did. Her friends would mention it and they always got such good laughs out of it. To those that met Mom on a T&D Cruise, you know how much she enjoyed being just a little part of this community that we have all created. You guys are so amazing! Thank you for helping to prop me up. This is what we do and please know that I will be there for all of you, just as you have been there for me.

I love you guys.

Have a cold one for Mama.

❤️ d ...

On this week's show:

* RIP #GrammyWithAMaggie * Tom's bedtime stories

* Broom racin'

* Seth reads Harry Potter on the show

* Pancake House

* Seth's IHOP melee

* Christmas experience at Gaylord Palms

* Birdseed bell

* Trulieve Santa

* Backwards tattoo

* Dan featured on the Sean Paul Peloton ride

* Racoons let the bees in

* Family Matter- "Lovely Hat!"

* Mattress Sizes


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I'll fill this in when I get back. Sorry, guys. 

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