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The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Nothing but the best. Like seriously. No seriously. - d

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Hey there, kids! Welcome to a brand new "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" and thanks so much for taking the time to consume a little part of us! No seriously. It really means a lot! We know that the world is swirling with tons of strange and sad BS out there, and it makes us happy to hopefully make you forget a little bit about all of that which shall not be mentioned. 

On this week's show:

* Chungus origin

* Humungus chungus

* Grift truck- anxiety machine

* Raccoon in a box kid

* Ross' news

* Putting out fires with Bud Light

* Polar bear vs hippo

* Toni Rodriguez apparel line: Stay Young SB 

* Tom almost got Toni fired

* BDM got his hat stolen from a neighbor

* Altoid panties


With that note, and I know that we haven't mentioned it at all, but thanks to all of you who voted us the best podcast in Orlando during the Orlando Weekly "Best Of Orlando" awards. This is like the 6th or 7th year that we've taken home the award for "Best Podcast" and it's always an honor and cool to be mentioned. During the years that we've been included in these awards, we have taken home almost every prize - from "Best Kept Secret" to the time that I won "Best Local Big Shot" in 2015. The bottom line is that we have done it all. (We've even beat out folks who claimed that they had COVID 19 in order to win! Whereas I can never imagine needing to win something so bad that I'd lean on being sick with a serious disease - but imagine the disappointment when you realize that you still didn't win, and people didn't care! 😬  Em-f*cking-barrassing.) And although we really didn't mention it at all, I think that in the future, we'd like to see some fresh podcasts take the crown as I do finally believe we have in fact - been there...and done all of that. But thank you again for all of the love and votes. It is never taken for granted and is always appreciated. 

Be sure to check out Toni Rage's new skateboard apparel brand. https://stayyoungsb.com/ is the web address and be sure to check it out. It's super green but the design is rad and he's going to be releasing a lot of stuff that shares the undying passion that T has had for skating and the fun that goes along with it. He was having a little bit of trouble with his site during the show, but I'm sure that it's fixed by now. Head over there and buy up all of those shirts for "Brown Trump" and all of the joy that he's brought to us - being a friend of the show. 

With that said, I'm out. I'm actually thinking about going out tonight. (To eat. Not dancing. This is the first time that I've thought about dance clubs. What the hell are those cats doing during all of this BS?) Heading to the small of tacos and well see you back here on Monday! All love! - d

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We da BEST! - d

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What a strange day. 

I just got back from picking up Maisie from her first day of Kindergarten. It's insane to think that much time has passed. Most of the time I still think that I have a baby but she's becoming a full human and it's blowing my mind. Enough of that. On this week's show:

*Seth's rocking a stache

* Dan got a reverse frog

* Seth buried his cowboy boots

* Relaxed fit condom

* Nip dots

* Seth's news

* Neflix film: Cuties

* Auto brew syndrome

* White vultures

* Sabbath mode

I'd write more but I selfishly want to get back home to see how Mai's day was. Sorry. You'll get the gist if you just put the show in your ears. It's funny. And Seth is insane. 

All the best and thanks for taking the time to support us. We. Have. The. Best. Listeners. In. The. World. 


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Happy Saturday, guys! Dan here! As I close down the studio for the day, please know how much it means to me and Tom that you take the time to listen to the BS that we barf out. You guys are the best. Here's your Best Of. :) - d

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Hey there, kids! Are we ok? You ok? Is this thing on?

I know that sh*t is hard right now, but you have my promise that we work tirelessly to make you laugh. And that's it. Nothing more. We know our lane. 😎 Thanks for hanging with us this Friday afternoon and let's get into it, shall we?

On this week's show:

* It's hard to live

* Tom's boat storage debacle

* Orlando Sentinel was sent to collections

* This is your fault, Bob! 

* Ross' POS news

* NASA banning terms

* World's most expensive corona mask 

* Simon Cowell broke his back 

* Grampire


We're trying these days to do a hard 2 hours and then get the F out because we know that we have a tendency to ramble and then the show is like 4 hours long and drunk and a mess. We're sure that you understand. And if you've got feedback, hit us up - show@tomanddan.com and on that note, I'm going to go listen to Spotify and get all of this damned talk radio/podcast BS out of my head. Hahahaha...

We love you guys and we'll see you on Monday. Have a safe and wonderful week. Try to make the best of it. 💖


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Enjoy and have a fun and safe weekend! - d

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Happy Friday to you all.

We’re just hanging in the Streamline studio, putting the final touches on the end of our day, and we’re glad that you’re joining us for another episode!

Don’t forget that there’s a bunch of brand new merch on TomandDan.com and we should be adding a bit more in the next few weeks and as things come in. (I hear tell that we’re working on some actual political styled signs for your yard. That will really confuse the neighbors. lol) Don’t forget to like and subscribe the YouTube channel and thanks as always for all of the support.

On this week’s show:

* Shart week promotion

* Seth like to prairie dog

* Fecalphilia

* Seth's king dining room 

* Swimming in canals

* Weed is bad for your heart?

* Best man speeches

* Young doodoo dojo

* Tom wants to revamp Scare Tactics again

* Andrea's Boston pirate character: Worst Beard

* Short dick man 

* Mets catcher walks out to "Beat It'"

Thanks for watching, listening, chatting, and sharing folks and we’ll see you all back here on Monday!


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We had the opportunity to chat with Jacki and Debbie about some of the amazing classes that they'll be teaching virtually courtesy of "Fairvilla University" or the sexual education arm of the legendary Fairvilla Megastore. Hit up Fairvilla.com for more info and to find out class dates, times, and login information. - d

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Nothing but the best for you guys. Sadly, I'm having to upload this show again this morning as it did not seem to post on Friday night. Apologies for that and to those of you who expect your files on time. I would too. All the best and thanks for listening! - d

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