A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.


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We will deem this the most negative show that we've ever done. It could be the fact that Tom wasn't feeling 100%. It could be the fact that I got up early for this stupid iPhone event. Maybe it was the fact that Ross had to leave early for another one of his crazy part-time jobs. I can't say anything bad about Samantha…she did a fantastic job today. Haha.

On today's show:


Negative First Segment


Fall Festivals

Tom & Dan - ICP without Makeup

Jnco Dennis

Tom turns into "Black Mama"

Savi Fernandez

Big Black Mama's Don't Drive Trucks

Sticker vs. Decal

Beat That Movie Down

Thanks to everyone for downloading and we'll see everyone next week!


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On today's show:

We call and check in with Samuel/Tuddle/Patrick

Bo Jackson's Hunger Games

Moses Lawn - Dan'sDrag Queen Name

Sword your butt-ass off


A Call in from "Scumbag Chris" - Felonies don't sound that bad in a British accent.


Church Talk with Brandon

Corgan or Anderson


Carmen stops by!

Thanks to everyone who subscribes and take the time to help support this show. We grow, and grow, and grow all because of you guys and the fact that you support us and keep the studio running. It means so much to us! It really, really, really does. Understand this; we would not have a show if it were not for those of you that listen, support our sponsors, and subscribe as BDM's. Today was an awesome, awesome, awesome show…and it has everything to do with you guys and your support.

Thanks for the love and we'll see you next week.


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On today's show:

Tom eats in the heat at WaWa.

The Gay Handyman

Emails with Samantha

The comedian that is Alex U

Bob Saget is an alien.

Dave Coolio

Freddy Cougar - a dildo glove

Stripper's and Cobras

Depressing Endings

That's about it. I've got to head to dinner and grab a little bit of dinner and whatnot. Thanks to Alex for stopping by and always love to Samantha and the man known as Ross. You guys are fantastic and did a great job with today's show. Well done, kids!

Thanks for downloading and thanks for taking the time to support the show. It truly means more than you know!


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