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Today was a fantastic and historical day for the podcast. For those of you that know me from Real Radio 104.1, one of the things that truly made me happy during my time there was our ability to bring you guys programs that were insanely odd and creative. "Sunday Morning Coming Down" was that program and today on the show we have singer, songwriter, founding member of the the Hindu Cowboys, Mr. Joseph Marten. Joseph is such a great guy and I haven't seen him for about a year or at least back when he was up at the station doing the Sunday morning gig. He's got a massive "SMCD" live gig that's going to be on April 7th from 10am-8pm. Both me and Tom are going to be out there with the wives and we're also apparently going to be hosting "Dunk Tank Karaoke!" This is going to be a great event and we can't wait to head out there and be a part of it. Don't forget that we've got ping-pong tonight (Friday, March 29th) at Caddy Shanks in Baldwin and we're going to have a great time just hanging out, playing games and drinking beer. We've got our 4 Year Anniversary on the 13th of April at Hooch on Wall Street and it's going to be fantastic. Free mason jars for the first 150 people, pictures with the "All-American" camel girl, Music by Terri Binion and Jessica Daumen. (You're going to know Jessy from our "Fiddlin' Titties" video. Crazy stuff…she's so talented.) We also talk to D.Rugg and get a few movie reviews and we talk about our friend Bill who apparently lost his mind this week. 

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Let your mind drift off to a different place. Allow yourself to go to the next dimension. Welcome to life. Welcome to…Tom and Dan MAGIC!

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Today's show was people packed and ACTION packed. Tom and I love it when we're able to have our friends over and just bullshit. Today we had touring comic, Pedro Lima and our entertainment friends Mike and Summer from Universal Studios. We also talk to our friend Paul from the West End Trading Company about his "Pints and Paws" event that he's got coming up on March 23rd. It's a completely pet friendly event and we're going to be out there with our dogs having a few beers and giving out a few "Tom and Dan" goodies. 

On today's show:

No power steering

Dan Cummings (Where are you? Where's Gary?)

Dan's College Studies

Red Ant Glove

American Flag Bikini

Ping Pong at Caddy Shanks AGAIN. Are you going to be there?

Tom and Dan 4 Year Anniversary Party at Hooch

Why Podcast?

Painting the Wings of the Airplane

High in Moral Fiber

Ring Chat

The Attack opening for Bad Religion

Tom's Wife SURPRISES in Studio

Pedro Lima in Studio

Morning Bang


McDonalds in a German Elevator

Exercising with Dan's Mom

Zippididoodah Race War


Carmen Morales calling from West Virginia

(Breathing out…) So there's that! What a great show and thanks to everyone for coming and hanging out at the studio. We had a blast today and so much of that has to do with Crystal, Andrea, Mike, Summer and Ross; the people that stop by and hang with us! Thanks kids…

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All love,


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Dearest "scumbags",

We're back and it seems like everything is working correctly. (Well, besides the fact that it seems that we have a F'ed USB cable that we use for the Ustream feed. Looks like I'm going to be hitting up the Best Buy after the show today.) We had a great show today and we're happy to report to you that we were not only all over the place but today's show is TWICE the size of last weeks disaster of a show. (From what I've heard from a lot of you, it really wasn't bad at all…and that you all really enjoyed me freaking the F out! Hahaha…) Well, thanks for sticking with us and please do us a favor and try to turn a new people onto the show. One of the major things that we believe in here at "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" is that you deserve to get content! The days of everything being a giant lump of commercials and there being massive breaks of stuff that you could give two $hits about are over. We're here to help you with that. Make sure and spread the word of TomandDan.com to try and help us with that. Thanks…you kids are the best!

On today's show:

Justice from OutLoudOrlando.com

Bumper Sticker Comedy

"Pray the Gay Away"

"Blow Luke Like a Trumpet!"

FTD shirts and Spring Break

North Korea is still our baby.


Max Hardcore and why we hate him even more than ever.

Ross and his POV stand up video

Our 4 year party at Hooch

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Tom and Dan

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I'm too pissed to even talk about this.


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