A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Thanks for all of you that have stuck by us. …listen to the show if you want anymore than just that statement. Today…we were a little bit more back to normal. I'm sure you'll agree.


On today's show:


Dan's Underware.

Are we bugged?

Dan's big BM.

Etchie and Pedro get bummed all of the time…

Reggie Watts and Jenna Hirt LIVE from DC


Mellow Mike returns with trivia…

Bible chat with Tom and Dan…and a guy.

Ross' News


To all of you that have been worried about where the show is going…let us assure you that we're here to stay. We've have plenty of people try to tear something that we love to do down and we're not willing to let is go…not now…not ever. Thanks for sticking by us and being the best fans that any two guys playing radio could ever ask for.


All love and peppers,



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...exactly what it says.

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