A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Thanks to everyone that downloaded, participated and was a part of the show today. As always thanks to Ross, Samantha, Medijocre and all of our callers! You guys were crazy today and we love that! Fun stuff. And as always…thanks! If you have nothing to do on Sunday, me and Tom would love to have you come out to "Tom and Dan's To Hell with Sundays" at Caddy Shanks in Baldwin Park. We're going to have ping-pong, Sapo, and virtual golf! If you've never been there, trusts…you'll love it!

On today's show:

Tom thinks he's going to have a heart attack while j'n.

Ross' dental procedure.

Are you a twiddle-dee-down?


Jacking off in Publix.

Henry the J-off Cowboy.

Tom sex talks Kandi

What's eating "sour grapes."

I'll be your Biff.


Ross: Business Kurt Cobain

Mr. Planet

Thanks guys…and we'll talk to you soon.


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Welcome to show number 221 of "A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan!" Thanks to everyone for participating in today's show, watching it live, and downloading from iTunes, and listening at TomandDan.com. So this week was pretty much the norm except we have another Tom & Dan's "To Hell with Sunday's" event that we're going to be having once again at Caddy Shanks Sports Bar in Baldwin Park. Not only are we going to have ping-pong, Sapo, and corn-hole but we're also doing a Ship Yard Brewery Tap Take-Over with a lot of their signature beers. So…there's that. Aside from us just telling you to go to our events and stuff like that, we had in comic Tommy O'Neil, our friend Brain stopped by, and we had a heck of a good time. 

We'll see you guys next week and thanks as always for all of the support. If you want to hear us talk to the Nigerian scammers, and you're not a BDM…we're sorry but you're going to be out of luck. Truly it is one of out most stupid yet informative shows that we've ever done. Head over to TomandDan.com and sign up. We don't think that you'll be disappointed. 

See ya in a week,


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First and for most, thanks so much to our good friend Seth Petruzelli for stopping by and talking to us about his career and the fact that he is now retiring. I can tell you 100% that it can be really, really, really hard when you have to stop something that you love but there are times when it's the correct thing to do. Today was one of his first interviews since losing his last big fight and since announcing his retirement. We love him and wish him nothing but the best. 

On today's show:

Sandwich for squirrels. 

Addicted to "scatting"

Triple Whopper Challenge



Faking your own death

Terrorist Vacuum Cleaner

 Seth and Dan in Jail

Petruzelli's pigs


Thanks as always for listening and for supporting the show. We love you guys and we can't keep the show going without you! Don't forget to rate us 5-stars on iTunes and leave us a little comment. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks again to Seth for stopping by and hanging out. 

See you next week,


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What can we say? Happy birthday America! And we chose to do absolutely nothing about it. In fact, I don't even think that we mentioned July 4th one time. Well, maybe. But not much. Just listen to the show and we're virtually certain that you'll dig it. We had a packed house, lots of fun, and truthfully, I'm far too tired to write a full explanation of what we did today. Hell…I don't even know what we did today. It was insane. 

Thanks to Nikki, Leeann and Zack for stopping by. Fun times guys…


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Dear podcast downloaders and listeners,

I'm not really sure what to say about today's show other than the fact that Tom and I have a tiny bit of jet lag and we're insanely crazy today. This show is a plethora of tangents and bull. We think you'll like it. And at any rate, we had fun…and that's really all that matters. 

On today's show:

100% stress, 100% of the time.

Tom & Dan in Chicago

Mystery Text

Car Rental Scam

Ross Vomits: Round 2

"Bologna Joe - Eat My Hotdog."

Fill-Up Buster = Gay Porn


Call from "Scumbag Chris"

Girl Surprise Gasp

Toilet Talk

Internet Porn

Puffin Palace

As always, thanks for listening and be sure to head over to iTunes and leave us a 5-star rating and a little comment. It truly does help us to reach new listeners and we'd really, really, really appreciate it. Don't forget that Ross is going to being stand-up tonight at the "High Octane Lounge" (I think that's what it's called…) and please come and see us Sunday at "To Hell with Sundays" at Caddy Shanks in Baldwin Park from 2-5pm this coming Sunday. It's going to be a really, really really fun and relaxed time and we hope to see all of you "scumbags" there.

All love to you guys for supporting us and keeping the studio going…


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