A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

We start the show off again with Dan's Mom being Fart-o-Gram'ed. Dan would like to take this time to apologize to his Mother. We're very, very sorry that we exploit you and your newly retired self for the benefit of our podcast. (But we do love you…) Thanks to this week's new #BDM's! There are a ton of new people that like to subscribe to our Tuesday show! Thanks folks! We have a great time and love having you guys around for our subscription based show! Remember, you get one "OG" or older show released on Tuesday and you always get one new show. www.TomandDan.com/register 

On today's show:

Sell your Fart-o-grams?

26 Fresh Clothing and our buddy Dan Thompson

Dan now works for Orlando City Soccer Club

Ben Bungee

Tom and Dan Shirt Issues

Selling out?

"Racist Porn of the Week."

There's more to this show but we think that Ross got drunk and then stopped writing things down. Thanks as always for listening and please make sure and go to iTunes and rate the show 5-stars and leave us a little review. We have a blast doing this for you for free on Fridays and hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Thanks for everything,


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We're high right now.

...moving on...

On today's show:

Kid Famous in Studio.

Paul's Neighbor

Anal Galnds 

Trip to D-Rugg's House

DMT & other drugs

Rap Saturation

"I'm ont a rapist yet..."

Wrestling Wedding

We Need Grills

"It's my dick. It's Clean. - Kid Famous

Pubes and Coke

Lawnmower Man

Timmy. Oh Timmy.

Thanks for listening folks.

Too high to type.

Tom and Dan

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Description to follow.


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Thanks for listening to the show, downloading, and for supporting the show. Today was a blast of fun being that it was a pretty odd week for both me and Tom. I'm still beating the old job trail and trying to find something that's going to fill my time when I'm not working and doing things for the show. The emails and support that we've been shown has been fantastic and we truly can't thank you guys enough. You're the f'n best! Seriously! We couldn't ask for a better group of supporters and listeners. If you want more than just one "FREE Friday" show well then you're more than welcome to subscribe and check out the 2 extra shows that we give you on Tuesdays. Go to TomandDan.com and check out the "subscribe" area on there. You might like what you see and really enjoy it. We give you a brand new show and one "OG" show and we even tell you what to listen for in that particular episode. Enough plugging…

On today's show:

Can you Quack?

Samantha's car on fire.

Wife pooping.

Timmy gets out tomorrow.

Buffet…the code.

Steel Worker's Arm in a Gearbox.

Kris Angel.

The Forrest Game - Jenny.

Around the Same Time Doo-Doo.

Real Man/Gay Man.

D-Rugg "Beat that Movie Down."

Cheese Bug Drug.

Thanks again for listening and please make sure and rate us 5-stars on iTunes and leave us a little review. It really helps us out and we appreciate it.

THanks as always…BDM's, we'll see you on Tuesday for another new show. "Poor-O's" we'll see you next week.


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