A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

I assure you we can do better than this. - d

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* Doctors and diagnosis

* Career day at school

* Maisie sleeps like a homeless person

* Andrea's triggered by Kokomo

* Kid swap

* Real women

* BDM show funnier without Sam?

* Explaining death to kids

* Hot dog condiments

* Romance vs Erotic novels

* Crystal's wooden chandelier

* Football stats meme

* WWE streaming deals

* Prop gambling/cheating

* Titty Sombrero

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Hey there, gang! We hope that these show notes find you well and happy Friday! We made it! So, I'm about to close up shop and the question of the hour is, where the hell are the new Tom and Dan hats that we ordered a few months ago!?! Man...they said that they shipped on the 15th and now I'm starting to get worried. Oh, small business fun! LOL Let's get to the good stuff:

On this week's show:

* Choppering on the Publix Pilgrimage

* Crystal makes Butler nervous

* Everything is a dong

* Crystal's TMJ

* What is romance?

* Cincinnati stickup

* Concrete robot

* Claudia call in to talk about her romantic fiance

* "The string is wrapped around my boner" -Tom Vann

* Religious hospitals

* Milk your t's!

* Unlimited BJs for a year to have another baby

* Chomp job * 90s Winnie the Pooh

* Bon Jovi at the inauguration

* Could you kill a bird with your boner?

* 100th day of school-themed day


Have a wonderful and safe weekend and thanks for all of the support and interaction that you guys bring to the show. It means more than you could ever understand. ♥️ See ya Monday! - d

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Have a great Saturday! - d

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* The leak in the studio

* Butler chopped the outlet and got shocked
* "Breakthrough the boundaries!" -Tom Vann
* 8-10 I pee in the drawer
* Tom's karate kick-- something popped!
* Moe Dewitt jingles
* Teacher and underage student news story 
* Cure for hypochondria?
* Species that went extinct in 2020
* Cumcicles
* Seth farted and didn't realize he was peeing himself
* Grift truck bit
* Blood dog
* Summer Aiello ruins Butler's Double Dare lie
* Editing karaoke lyrics
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