A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.


It's that time again. The week has ended, and that means another Friday Free Show in the bag. We're all set and ready for the cruise tomorrow. Be sure to listen to the BDM show this Monday to hear how the cruise is going. Don't worry too much...we'll be back next Wednesday. We'll hopefully be able to Twitch on the boat so you can see how drunk everyone is. If you need me...I'll be in my bathrobe, eating room service and listening to the waves crash into the boat.


*Bubba Comes By

*Piano Playing for Money


*Answering New Voicemails

*Samantha Runs Late but Still Reads E-mails

*News with Fisher and Lee (That's me!)


Always good to see Bubba. One of the most talented musicians I've ever seen and still as funny as ever. If we hit an iceberg and I don't make it back, tell Little Richard I love him.

Have a great weekend and listen to the new Judas Priest album!


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This show is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, if the title includes the word "Interview" and then a proper name, you can pretty much bet that's exactly what you're going to get. In this day and age, most everything requires a "description." We don't believe in that. Just call us old school. It might also be one of our many special features or bonus shows. Wouldn't a perfect description of it sort of ruins the surprise of releasing a new and special show for you? Or we might just be being completely lazy - you'll never know. We hope that you enjoy the show and thanks, as always, for the love and support! - t&d

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