A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hi, WhatPods! Yes. We own this show! (Sorry guys. They're making us do this to claim the show. Hahaha...) 

Hey there, gang! 

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* Remorse Court contest

- Orlando Predators

- Kirby vacuum cleaner

- Sugar gliders

- $1,100 on phone games; Buffalo Bladder; Blade of special needs

- Broken truck

- $50,000 boat

- Wedding dress

* Bill Bellamy calls in 

* Tom rants about sh^&* phone lines

* BDMs moms calling Tom 

* Free Solo: Autistic guy climbs a rock 

* Blackjack documentary 

* Voicemails

- Pee bottles

- Sh^&*^% outside

* Coup in Bolivia

* One foot in the gravy


Well, I'm heading home and then me and the girls are running - I mean RUNNING for the f'n beach. I have never needed more time off than now. We just gone done with all of those late year events and I just need some time to let my brain settle the F down. 

Tom and I love ya, and we wish you all nothing but an amazing time this Thanksgiving! Stay safe - collect those stories like Tom would, and we'll see you on Monday! 


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