A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

And just like that, we’re enjoy the final Friday Free Show of January! Man, it seems to be flying! 😳 Thanks so much to all of you who caught the show live today on Twitch! If you’re looking for a little Twitch streaming action in your life, then look no further than HERE: www.twitch.tv/tomanddanlive We think you’ll dig it, and let’s be honest, streaming content is not going anywhere. I’m afraid we’re stuck with the cameras for a bit. (At least until the aliens start harvesting our eyeballs. I think we’ve got a bit.) 


On this week’s show:

* Lilly's on the Lake all male revue scandal

* Dongers on the lake 

* Fleshlight maintenance

* Anniversaries

* Funko pops 

* Russia vs Ukraine

* Pittsburgh bridge collapse 

* Weekend at Bernie's cashing check 

* Pasco County Sheriff's office shut down social media 

* Scholarship mixup 

* Kiss Jim Justice's Babydog's hiney 

* Dan allergic to peepee dogs

* Build a bear kiosk

* Celebrity secrets 

* Alice in Wonderland porn

* 1,000 show shake-up 

* Max and the ukulele 

* Tom's rowing machine 

* Call Mama Vann about being a good wife


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Thanks for watching us and we’ll see you again tomorrow on Twitch at 10am-ish. 

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