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WAY too much recording today! But that’s the way it goes. You’re not going to get much personally from me when it comes to notes today. I’m bushed. Do people still say that when they’re tired? Thanks for being here and we love you! - d




- Introduction to this week's bonus show

- Guest David Jolly performing tonight at the Funny Bone

- Discount code "JOLLY" for tonight's tickets

- Jolly’s recent arrival from Austin

- Jolly’s joke about his preference for older white women, reactions from his wife and son

- Discussion about Tom’s son's breakdancing skills and practice locations

- Conversations about running in the neighborhood and engaging in triathlons during a midlife crisis

- Insights into race and athleticism, including a Braves player's ceremonial dance

- Discussion on what one would do for a million dollars

- Jolly's move from Austin, initial experiences, and upcoming tour announcement

- Praises for the comedic chemistry with KC Rocket and Ike Rafferty

- Features on Jolly’s podcast "I Know You Fucking Lying" with interactions from celebrities like Ari Shaffir and Ron White

- Comparison of Rogan and Friends comedy show to the Comedy Store in Texas

- Discussion on the impact of social media on Jolly’s career and opportunities in the comedy industry

- Importance of authenticity and surrounding oneself with genuine people in comedy

- Reflections on politicians, authenticity, and the benefits of abstaining from alcohol

- Considerations on public perceptions of drinking, reputation management, and business opportunities

- Jolly’s infamous appearance on Kill Tony, his decision to quit drinking, and reflections on changing alcohol tolerance with age

- Humorous anecdote about a fictional drunk driving incident and perspectives on humor

- Transition from alcohol to weed, the role of stand-up comedy as a primary source of income

- The importance of networking in the comedy industry, celebrity encounters at comedy clubs

- Perspectives on cancel culture, Shane Gillis’s career post-SNL controversy, and paths to success in comedy through online presence and stage performance

- Observations on the Orlando comedy scene, challenges, and forwarding opportunities in the comedy community

- Upcoming comedy shows and events, humorous thoughts on traveling with weed

  • Expressions of appreciation and encouragement, invitations to events at the House of Blues





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