A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Thanks to Ross for his time today, and much love to a lot of you guys who caught the stream LIVE! Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you next week! - d


- Review of Amnesty cruise experience focusing on entertainment and guest interactions.

- Summary of Dan Dennis's campaign promises including term limits, increased fun, and reduced cabana costs.

- Tom Van's critique of Dan's campaign strategies.

- Key themes from "Time for a Bath" song.

- Overview of BDM Appreciation Week's party highlights.

- Highlights and guest lineup for ACT's 10-year anniversary show.

- Key surprises and Cadillac Pat's role in the upcoming 2024 Tom and Dan Cruise.

- Cadillac Pat buys an old payphone, sparking nostalgia for vintage tech like LeBaron convertibles.

- Dan's family moments: bagel gift from wife, Ross's show with David Jolly, and potential past confrontations.

- Preparation and insights into hosting at Orlando Funny Bone, including interactions backstage.

- Concerns over children's exposure to inappropriate content through Tenacious D's music.

- Discussion on Tori Spelling's unique bathroom habits and media reactions.

- Anecdotes from McAfee's eccentric online behavior to unusual findings in Costa Rica.

- Insights into internet detective work, challenges of online searches, and the introduction of new AI tools.

- Exploration of online business interactions, handling of negative reviews, and customer service strategies.

- Local Orlando tales: peacock issues in Wadeview neighborhood and Commissioner Sheehan's involvement.

- Upcoming community events and BDM Appreciation Week details with a humorous note on BDM exclusivity.




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Indulge in the finest moments of the award-winning talk radio show, "A Corporate Time with Tom & Dan," airing weeknights on Real Radio 104.1 FM. As one of the pioneering FM talk radio stations, Real Radio 104.1 has been a trailblazer, and Tom & Dan have been the captivating voice of the reluctant night show. Why reluctant, you ask? Well, after two decades in the radio industry, they've experienced its unforgiving nature, but they've gracefully transformed it into a realm of delightful silliness. Thank you for being a part of their journey and tuning in!

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